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last updated 16/09/2021

High Performers

by High Performance Training & Coaching

last updated 16/09/2021

High Performance Training & Coaching franchisees get great results for clients and themselves

Initial training is followed up with online sessions to help teams build new habits

Joneet Lal enjoys helping people. ‘I’m quite involved with my local church, doing youth mentoring and helping people with problems and challenges, so when I got tired of my senior management role in the corporate world, the idea of becoming a business coach really appealed.

‘I looked at a number of different franchises but when I contacted Frikkie Le Roux, the founder of High Performance Training & Coaching, we really clicked. It’s not the biggest franchise of its type but it’s personal – Frikkie and his wife Pao have great integrity and I felt our values aligned.’

Joneet was also impressed by the results that the High Performance system produces for its clients. After joining the franchise in March 2021, he’s now proved it for himself. ‘One of my first clients was a real estate company. I went through the High Performance programme with them and then settled down to a weekly facilitated meeting which helps to keep people accountable. Their key metrics on measures like listings, sales and vendors increased by between 40 and 400 percent. This programme really works!’

Joneet went through an intensive three week training when he first joined High Performance, learning the programmes, how to find clients, facilitate and deliver coaching. ‘It was very thorough and left me thinking, “Wow, I’m ready to do this.” Frikkie and Pao came with me on my first presentations, and I soon felt comfortable.

‘Now business is really good and I’m growing well. It’s still just me at the moment, but the plan is to employ staff to help with the sales side soon, while I concentrate on the facilitation sessions as client numbers increase.’

It’s the way that we do it

The High Performance team has worked with almost 100,000 people worldwide, including real estate agents, car brands, IT companies and hospitality businesses.

‘What makes High Performance different is not just the results we get, but the way that we get them,’ says Frikkie. ‘We have seven core programmes, and a variety of proven tools to help clients identify their KPIs, develop strategies to improve results, and then create behavioural change to achieve their goals.

‘Initial training is carried out in person or online, either by the franchisee themselves or one of our High Performance coaches. This takes the client’s team through the appropriate module, then we set up online KPI measurement and reporting systems. Ongoing, we support our clients through Zoom or Microsoft Teams with weekly calls, so that they can identify their strengths and learn new habits which help them to deliver in every area.

‘All our programmes are eligible for the NZTE Regional Business Partner Programme, and qualifying businesses can receive up to 50% funding.’

Hard work pays off

In Rotorua, Natasja du Plessis has been working as a High Performance Coach since 2020, after she and her husband sold their mechanical workshop. ‘I love helping people – I’d had a computer training business in South Africa, and worked in training for the council here. I had known Frikkie for a long time, so taking up the franchise was an easy decision and I gained confidence quickly with his help.

‘I’ve since worked with all sorts of businesses: cafés, a honey centre, bakers, restaurants and retailers, and even a massage therapist. I’m not a sales person at all, but you have to do it and word soon gets around in a small place. As well as delivering the programmes and seeing people achieving real results, I really enjoy helping people manage their staff better, sitting in on meetings and making it okay for them to be the boss and set clear expectations and goals.

‘Learning about different businesses has been fascinating. You have to do a lot of research to learn which questions to ask, sometimes, and it’s also important to get involved with local business networks. This is a great business but don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a plate – you need to work really hard at first, and be prepared to grow yourself, too.’

Now Natasja and her husband are moving to Perth to be close to family, but she hasn’t finished with High Performance Training & Coaching. ‘I have a passion for this, so give me a few months then I’ll start all over again.’

Six figure incomes

Frikkie says the High Performance business model is highly flexible. ‘You can operate from home, set your own working hours, and employ people or not as you choose. It’s also highly profitable – just two programmes per month would generate around $100,000 per year, but it’s possible to do much more than that. One of our new franchisees did $90,000 in their first two months.

‘The initial investment is just $60,000 +gst, and we will provide all the systems, tools, training and marketing to get you established. There’s also a high level of ongoing support to ensure that you achieve the same great results as your clients.

‘Joneet and Natasja have shown what can be achieved, so give me a call now and find out more about High Performance Training & Coaching.’   

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