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by Caci

last updated 17/09/2021

Skin Deep, Passion High

by Caci

last updated 17/09/2021

The Caci franchise offers a flexible business model to suit any location

When it comes to sharing knowledge about Caci, NZ’s favourite skin and injectables business, Penny Chapman is well qualified. Now Caci’s GM of Franchising and Operations, Penny started with the brand 12 years ago as National Sales Manager. 

Penny Chapman
Penny Chapman

Quickly developing an appreciation for the company’s potential, she then became a franchisee herself, buying the Caci in her home town of New Plymouth. It was so successful, she added the Taupo clinic six years later and thrived as a multi-unit operator.

When she eventually decided to sell both clinics, though, she stayed with Caci and brought a wealth of practical experience to her current role. This involves getting new franchisees off to a flying start in their own clinics, as well as managing ongoing relationships and clinical compliance audits.

Caci’s resilience and appeal are reflected in the record number of new territories opened over the past 12 months. ‘Our overall business performance is up too, with a number of record-breaking months since 2020’s initial lockdown – and July 2021 was our biggest trading month ever.

‘I think all the Zoom calls during the pandemic contributed to a new awareness of skin conditions – we have never looked at ourselves so much on screen! And the restrictions have also encouraged people to experience new things and perhaps consider a business opportunity for the first time, too.’

Regions rule

Currently, Caci has franchise opportunities across both islands in centres such as Oamaru, Timaru, Ashburton, Thames/Coromandel and Whanganui.

‘New regional territories are proving especially popular, and the recent opening of the Kerikeri clinic was Caci’s most successful launch ever,’ says Penny. ‘In fact, at our past two Annual Awards, most of the gold, silver and bronze winners have been owners of regional clinics. The awards are based on membership growth, retail growth and customer satisfaction, so it doesn’t matter where a Caci clinic is located – it’s always about making connections and providing the kind of service that brings people back.’

New model offers lower entry cost

Penny says the Caci team is constantly appraising market opportunities and trends to establish more clinics as territory potential becomes clear. ‘There are now two Caci business models to suit different locations,’ she explains.

‘First, there’s the classic original model, where the franchisee owns the clinic and focuses on customer service and management, employing qualified staff to conduct consultations and treatments. With Caci’s planning and forecasting tools, and ongoing support from our team, this is a very successful model.

‘And second, there’s the exciting new mini-clinic model that we’ve been rolling out more recently. This is treatment provider driven, meaning the nurse or skin therapist also owns and manages the business. Mini-clinics have a much smaller footprint and quicker break-even, so they appeal to people who want a lower barrier to entry for owning a Caci franchise.’

Investment levels for a Caci franchise start from $125,000 +gst for a mini-clinic.

Peace of mind

Caci’s subscription model provides peace of mind for its business partners in what has been an uncertain time for everyone recently.

‘Customers are on a subscription at Caci with a personalised membership made easy with regular direct debit payments,’ explains Penny. ‘That meant that, even during the uncertainties of the past 18 months, franchisees knew they could rely upon a regular income. It’s a very effective model for customers and franchisees alike.’

As a result, Caci clinics across the country are busy. Enquiries, treatments and subscription sign-ups all continue to rise, with significant growth in all of Caci’s memberships: skin treatments and cosmetic injectables, laser hair removal and body treatments. ‘It’s also no surprise that online sales of memberships and skincare are all up, too,’ says Penny, ‘with customers even having the option to subscribe to their skincare product as well.’

Is it for you?

Penny says that would-be Caci franchisees need to have a passion for people, and the ability to understand the journey that their customers are on. ‘Another key attribute is ambition – the desire to succeed in business and to grow as a person and as a team.

‘No matter which business model you are interested in, our recruitment process will quickly help confirm whether you have the skills you need to succeed – and our thorough training will quickly address any gaps in your knowledge. The Caci system provides everything you need to run a successful business, and we provide a high level of support, no matter which business model you choose.

‘Our business development team share a deep understanding of the business opportunity and its processes, not just the operational and compliance side but marketing, referring enquiries to clinics, converting leads into consultations and then into sales. This ensures that franchisees can get the very best financial outcomes.

‘If you have a passion for the beauty industry, plus a desire to help others and a good head for business, we have full and mini-clinic locations available now. Call me to find out about opportunities in your chosen area.’   

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