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last updated 23/06/2021

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last updated 23/06/2021

Corporate Cabs proves the value of a good reputation in a changing world

Over 50 percent of Corporate Cabs' bookings are now automated via the website or app

The last year has seen closed borders and changing regional alert levels reduce both international and domestic flights. All sorts of travel businesses suffered badly, but Corporate Cabs had the adaptability and foresight to survive – and now thrive.

That’s why the company is looking for 50 new franchisees this year in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. If you’re looking for a flexible part-time opportunity and have high standards of presentation, Cameron Allison wants to hear from you.

Cameron is CEO of Corporate Cabs, which was founded over 20 years ago to provide corporate executives, individuals and visitors with the highest level of service. ‘Our reputation has served us well as people started travelling again,’ he says. ‘People trust Corporate Cabs because they know that we are clean, tidy and above all safe, and that makes all the difference. As a result, our ride volumes per vehicle are actually higher than they were pre-Covid, and some of our owner/driver franchisees are already earning more than they were before. That’s only going to increase.’

Moving with the times

The demand for Corporate Cabs has also been fuelled by a new user-friendly passenger app, which has increased ad hoc bookings. ‘While the corporates still make reservations in advance and many regular clients still book their favourite drivers, we’ve seen a big upswing in bookings from those who want a taxi right now. The ride share apps, with their surge pricing and variety of vehicles in different conditions, can’t offer the quality that we do.

‘Over 50 percent of our bookings are now automated via the website or the app, but we still deliver a premium service in quality European vehicles with well-presented, courteous drivers who will lend a hand with the luggage – all those little details that make a huge difference to the customer.’

Today’s Corporate Cabs franchisees mostly drive high-end Skoda Superb vehicles but, looking to the future as always, Cameron says that there is a whole new fleet of electric vehicles on the way which will operate under a separate brand – Switch. ‘That will help meet the need of corporates looking to reduce their carbon footprint,’ he explains. ‘It’s another option we can talk about with potential franchisees.’

Life behind the wheel

So what’s life like for a Corporate Cabs franchisee? David Swan bought his first Corporate Cab 11 years ago, and is still enjoying the flexibility it offers.

‘I wanted to be my own boss, bring in some money, and do something different,’ he recalls. He saw Corporate Cabs as an extension of his previous management career – he knows what’s important to busy businesspeople and found his mix of professionalism, friendliness and attention-to-detail suited his new role perfectly.

‘There’s always work available through the company if I want it, but I work mostly with regulars these days,’ says David. ‘Developing those personal relationships, getting to know people – that’s the best part of my job. As for earnings, it’s up to me really. If I want to take it easy for a while, I can; if I’m keen for a bit more spending money, I can bring home $1500- $2000 a week after costs.’

Cameron says peak hours for Corporate Cabs are 6.30-10am and 3-7pm. ‘Plenty of our franchisees do both and earn good money, while others choose to do one or the other and still make a reasonable living and get to meet interesting people. They can also employ another driver to do the other shift, so the vehicle is still earning; some franchisees even own two or three vehicles and lease them out.’

Low investment

The initial investment required is $11,500 +gst, which includes full training and uniforms, and can be paid off over a 3-year period if required. ‘We want to make it as easy as possible for the right people to join us,’ Cameron explains. ‘Then there are a variety of options for funding the vehicle, from outright purchase, to lease, to home loan. We have indicative financial modelling for each option, so you can see exactly what you can make on a monthly basis. There’s plenty of demand, so you’ll always be given jobs through our system if you want them. Some of our franchisees are banking $90-100,000 a year from a single vehicle.

‘Also, there’s no monthly levy – just a percentage on actual earnings, so if you take time off to have a holiday or see your grandkids, you don’t pay anything.’

Take pride

Cameron says that many Corporate Cabs drivers have a similar story to Dave – they’re often people who’ve had successful careers in another industry who wanted a change and greater control over their lives. ‘We look for people who aren’t just great drivers, but also take immense pride in offering that premium service,’ he says.

‘We have existing demand in the main cities waiting for people right now. In addition, there’s the “clean sheet” opportunity offered by our new Switch brand, which will reward new young franchisees and early adopters with their choice of regular clients.

‘If you take pride in what you do, enjoy meeting interesting people and want a business of your own that offers huge flexibility, contact  us now.’   

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