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by Green Acres and Hire-A-Hubby

last updated 16/09/2021

Building Big Business

by Green Acres and Hire-A-Hubby

last updated 16/09/2021

Green Acres and Hire-A-Hubby launch game changer for managers and entrepreneurs

Craig Burrowes: building a future asset

New Zealanders spend billions of dollars on home services and home maintenance every year. The market is dominated by one-man or one-couple bands, but that can be limiting for someone with the skills, energy and ambition to run something bigger.

That’s why sister companies Green Acres and Hire-A-Hubby have launched an innovative model to help new and existing franchisees achieve substantial levels of asset growth. Franchisees will have all the encouragement, systems and support they need to build their own business empire, while being supported by two of the best-known brands in franchising.

‘Home and commercial services franchise systems often have limitations that make it difficult for franchisees to grow beyond being a sole trader operation,’ explains Graeme Bayly, the group’s Big Business Recruitment Manager. ‘We recognised that we have some very capable people within our networks, so we developed a model that would allow franchisees to employ people, spend less time on the tools themselves, take on bigger jobs and increase their profitability, turnover and business value.

‘And it’s not just for existing franchisees. Green Acres Big Business and Mega Hire-A-Hubby models are attractive to people with project management skill-sets, drive, determination, business experience, the ability to lead a team and a burning desire to give rein to their entrepreneurial flair.

‘For current franchisees, there is no additional franchise fee to change over to the Big Business or Mega models, while new franchisees are offered a range of investment levels which set the starting income guarantee and fixed weekly royalty. Franchisees are expected to add additional staff, vehicles, equipment and training to grow into a substantial business and asset, and for both current franchisees and new joiners there are flexible fee options and finance available.’

Green Acres Big Business

It might seem a long road from a British Army operating theatre to being a Green Acres franchisee, but for Ian McKenzie it was a logical progression.

‘Those years as a theatre practitioner in the army and the NHS, followed by a move to New Zealand in 2006 and more theatre work in Wellington taught me to be a stickler for cleanliness and hygiene,’ Ian says. ‘In 2016 when I decided to work for myself, Green Acres seemed an ideal fit. I started small and grew fast until I reached the stage where it would be difficult to move forward. Talking about this with my Green Acres Business Advisor, Kurt Kjestrup, he invited me to provide my input into a scheme that would make it achievable for franchisees to grow their businesses further.’

Ian became the country’s first Green Acres Big Business franchisee, and has reaped the benefits. He currently employs eight staff and has two subcontractors for carpet and upholstery cleaning. ‘There really are huge opportunities with this model,’ he says.

Green Acres Big Business franchises have no territory, service or geographical restrictions, meaning opportunities for new franchisees all around New Zealand at a variety of investment levels.

Mega Hire-A-Hubby

In 2011, Craig Burrowes left a senior management position in the corporate world to put his practical skills to use as a Hire-A-Hubby franchisee in Central Auckland. With project management skills, and expertise in quoting, planning and strategy, as well as leading large teams, he has the perfect background for managing a maintenance business – and the Mega Hire-A-Hubby opportunity is ideal.

‘Pretty much from the get-go I’ve been as busy as!’ he says. ‘You’d be staggered at the variety of jobs we manage, from big renovations to the little things – people always have plenty of jobs to do.’

Since becoming Auckland’s first Mega Hire-A-Hubby, he’s doubled his business and added six North Shore territories, giving him the opportunity to put his experience to use. ‘As much as I enjoyed being on the tools, this is a much bigger opportunity to build a family business and an asset for  the future.

‘I love my involvement with Hire-A-Hubby and am fiercely proud of the brand. I’d welcome any potential franchisee to join me as part of their due diligence and get a real feel for the business. For the right people, it’s that good!’

Major benefits

With existing franchisees already reaping the benefits, there are also opportunities for new people with drive and ambition. Major advantages include:

  •      Use teams of staff to run multiple jobs and increase the scale of work you can do;
  •      Ability to take holidays and still be earning;
  •      Upscale staff when needed instead of turning down opportunities;
  •      Still enjoy the flexibility of working where you want – no need for an office, so running costs are still low;
  •      Industry-leading systems for job management, communications, financial management with Xero integration, etc;
  •      Existing alliance partner networks with Z Energy, Bunnings, Vodafone, and other major partners.

Too important to miss

Green Acres and Hire-A-Hubby franchisees benefit from the brands’ strong reputations and high levels of repeat business from regular domestic and commercial customers. ‘We have 30 years of award-winning experience in supporting our franchisees, but we’re never content to rest on our laurels,’ says Graeme.

‘Hire-A-Hubby Mega and Green Acres Big Business franchise models are an opportunity too important to be missed. If you have the skills and ambition to build something bigger, contact me now.’     

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