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Going Ballistic

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InXpress franchisee builds recurring income with every sale

Since buying his InXpress franchise, Ron Van Dillen has enjoyed a wealth of success. ‘It’s all down to the support and coaching that the franchise provides,’ he says. ‘It must be – I had zero experience in sales, logistics or freight before, but now I’m well on track to achieve all my targets in 2021, including employing staff to facilitate additional growth.’

Founded in the UK in 1999, InXpress is a global award-winning business-to-business franchise that handles logistics for SMEs to save them time, money and hassle, and make it easy for companies to send packages anywhere in the world. With a network of 400-plus franchisees across 14 different countries, InXpress enjoys bulk discount rates from some of the world’s biggest couriers.

Clients use the InXpress webship+ platform to arrange shipments, while the courier company collects the parcels and arranges customs clearance. webship+ also manages quotes, invoices and shipment tracking. That leaves franchisees free to focus on sales: find new clients, identify their issues and suggest solutions.

Before joining InXpress, Ron spent five years as a Health and Safety trainer. ‘Much as I enjoyed my work and meeting people, I could see it would only take me so far, and I was ambitious for opportunities that could take me further. I had previously been employed by one of the international carriers to conduct investigations, and that’s where I first heard about InXpress. The management there spoke highly of the franchise and when I looked at it in detail I was impressed, too.

‘I was attracted by the recurring income the franchise could provide – it’s a model that is optimised for exponential growth in a short time if the tools are applied properly.’

You make the sale, technology does the rest

Geoff Hargreaves, Franchise Development Manager for InXpress, explains, ‘We’ve invested millions in our technical platforms, which means franchisees can show clients how to benefit from InXpress quickly and simply. Once you have a client on board, they use webship+ to arrange their shipments and the courier company collects and delivers. It’s quick and efficient, and means franchisees build a recurring income as their client base grows. Meanwhile, the back-of-house software makes it easy for franchisees to manage their own businesses.’

It’s a formula that impressed not just franchisees but the whole franchise world. ‘At the Global Franchise Awards 2021, InXpress showed that we are in a class of our own as we won not just the White Collar Franchise category, but the top award for Global Franchise Champion,’ says Melanie Spencer, Global Head of Marketing for InXpress. ‘Being up against so many exceptional franchise brands we are both proud and humbled to have won two awards.’

Right opportunity, right time

Ron Van Dillen considers himself to have got into the right opportunity at the right time. ‘I started in 2019 and, while 2020 was a mess with no momentum, Covid certainly accelerated the pace of e-commerce. That’s only going to expand from here, and I’m in the right place to offer SMEs a hassle-free platform that integrates sales, payment, shipping and delivery.

‘I’m very happy with the marketing which allows me to offer smaller businesses a very personal and hands-on service. I get a call from the franchise every fortnight to talk over margins and strategy and, with good old footwork and getting on the phone, I’ve been able to build my customer base as quickly as I hoped and expected. InXpress is fulfilling my expectations today – in fact, it’s gone ballistic!’

Geoff Hargreaves concludes, ‘I’ve worked in franchising for 30 years and what I like about the InXpress model is that it is driven by profitability. The franchisor’s income comes from the gross margin, not sales, which means that our job is to help every franchisee be as profitable as possible.

‘As a result, for an investment of just $29,000 +gst, an established franchisee can achieve an income of $20,000 a month or more. Contact us now – our growing New Zealand network needs more ambitious people to fulfil ever-increasing demand.’    

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