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by The Seasons Art Class

last updated 23/06/2021

Seasons enables franchisees to earn a full-time income from a part-time business

People might be talking about side hustles to earn some extra cash, but most of the options require unsociable hours, a lot of hard work or a lot of risk. And new tenancy rules and building requirements (not to mention soaring house prices) have made investing in property less attractive, too, despite record low interest rates.

‘So how would it be if I told you our franchisees can make a nett profit of over $45,000 a year by working just one day per week?’ asks David Craggs. ‘That’s exactly what you can achieve with Seasons Art Class – and once you’re established, that could increase to $135,000.

‘For some people, this could be a stand-alone business; for others, a perfect second income offering a substantial earnings boost for your family,’ suggests David. ‘And, best of all, you’re helping other people have fun!’

Step-by-step for students and franchisees alike David Craggs and Moira Hall are the New Zealand master franchisees for Seasons Art Class. Seasons is a step-by-step art class that provides a place for students to discover themselves, learn techniques in a range of media and develop their skills in a friendly, relaxed setting.

‘As a franchisee, you need to dedicate just one day a week to be present and engaged in your classes, with a few extra hours of business administration at home,’ says David. ‘We provide all the marketing material and guidelines and look after everything from stock, advertising and recruitment to venue and training.

‘You’ll contract a qualified art tutor (sourced for you by Seasons) to run the class, and act as a classroom assistant yourself, as well as laying on refreshments – that’s all part of building the social side which is a big draw.

‘Seasons supplies comprehensive curricula for a series of 14-week programmes, so there’s always something new for students to keep them coming back – in the UK, some students are on their seventh or eighth class, and we’re seeing the same trend developing here, too,’ says David.

Bring your accountant

A proven franchise in the UK for over 10 years with more than 150 branches, the franchise has expanded to Europe and North America and launched in New Zealand in April 2019. The concept rapidly took off, with franchisees reporting full classes and demand for more in their first few months. And while Covid-19 put a temporary halt to events during lockdown, business soon bounced back with students saying how much they missed their classes.

There are now 17 franchisees established around New Zealand, with new opportunities still available in many areas, ‘Although, given the returns, these are going fast,’ warns David. ‘We encourage potential franchisees to bring their accountants to meet with us. Several have taken us at our word, then gone on to buy the franchise. It really is that attractive.’

You don’t need to be an artist

So what sort of people make good Seasons Art Class franchisees?

‘It’s good to have a delight in bringing people together and an interest in art, but you don’t need to be an artist yourself,’ David promises. ‘If you want a part-time business, are facing redundancy or are about to retire, this can be an excellent opportunity which offers you a genuine income and the ability to grow. Yes, it’s a lifestyle business, but in the right hands it can reward you with an executive-level income.

‘Most of our franchisees have other businesses or occupations but this is an easy business to operate part-time if you are well-organised and enjoy people. There’s a very high level of student engagement and enjoyment which is deeply satisfying for all parties. Students are mostly professional adults and retirees.

‘The figures alone show the demand, and there is a very fast return from a low initial investment – exclusive territories are available for just $57,000 +gst. With the right numbers, you can make back your investment inside a year.’

David ends, ‘For a part time business, we think an achievable profit of $45,000 or more is an excellent reward. Call me to find out more about opportunities in your area.’   

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