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last updated 23/06/2021

Start Small Dream Big

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last updated 23/06/2021

Cleantastic offers a low entry cost opportunity with a 24-month income guarantee

Satwinder Singh Chumber: I'm making good money and working towards my goals

The great strength of Cleantastic is that you can start part-time and build your business from there,’ says Satwinder Singh Chumber. ‘I started my Taupo-based commercial cleaning business in 2015 and today I’m making good money and working towards my goals.’

Satwinder studied forest management and did a Bachelor of Applied Management degree before working in the forestry industry for a couple of years. ‘But I didn’t feel it was the right path for my future, so I bought a courier franchise in 2013, then in 2015 I started doing one hour, six days a week with Cleantastic. In 2018, I sold the courier franchise so I could give 100 percent to my cleaning business.

‘Starting part time with one or two clients enabled me to learn the business from the bottom up. The training was excellent and taught me how to do a professional job in the most efficient way every time. The hard work began to pay off because I soon began to get referrals. Cleantastic are very good at providing clients to get you started, but also teach you how to find them yourself and do your own quoting. Just by putting my card around businesses in the area, I picked up more and more work, and after just six months I felt able to sell my courier run and concentrate on my new business.

‘Now I have six long-term clients including an accounting firm and a supermwarket, which gives me some of the weekends to do the smaller jobs I can handle in a couple of hours. Yes, I work long hours, but I feel it’s worth it to create the future I want.’

The right attitude

Greg Paget, franchisor for Cleantastic NZ, says that starting small enables franchisees to learn the business and gain confidence before growing the business and going full-time. It’s a highly effective model. ‘Most of our nearly 300 franchisees started this way – we provide comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms, business cards, manuals and a client base to get you started, then provide ongoing support to help you secure new clients. We can train you in what really works best so that you have a sustainable business which generates a good income in return for your efforts.

‘You don’t need cleaning experience – we can train you in everything you need to know – but you do need to have the right attitude to put your clients’ needs first, and good communications skills to ensure you understand and meet those needs every time. Satwinder has both these qualities, and they have really paid off for him.’

Satwinder provides an example. ‘Early on, I realised one of my clients was very particular. I talked through the possible issues with the franchisor, and then talked it through with the client to work out exactly what they wanted and how best to meet their needs. I’ve had no issues in nearly two years, so I think I can say I have happy clients – and happy clients means good business!’

A real business

Cleantastic offers many advantages to someone wishing to get into business on their own account. ‘You don’t need a big vehicle, which keeps your upfront costs and overheads down,’ Satwinder says. ‘The entry cost is lower than many equivalents, and Cleantastic train you to invoice your clients and collect payments yourself, so you are not paying higher fees to have the franchisor do that for you. This is all part of learning real business skills – not just doing cleaning.’

But you aren’t left to sink or swim, as the last year has proved. ‘With businesses shutting down for so long, changing Alert Levels and new cleaning routines for Covid-19, the support from Cleantastic has been really valuable,’ says Satwinder. ‘It would have been hard being a single operator, but being with the franchise meant we knew what we were doing all the time and could communicate that to our clients and keep them reassured.’

Guaranteed income

Cleantastic has more opportunities available throughout New Zealand right now. ‘The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for good, reliable cleaning systems in businesses,’ says Greg. ‘Potential clients are looking for quality service in every aspect from systems to training, to health and safety, and of course good Public Liability Insurance. We’ve developed good employment systems for our franchisees to use, and have worked a lot with MBIE and the Labour Inspectorate to ensure they comply.

‘Entry costs are very affordable and start from as low as $19,600 +gst, including equipment, and with finance available (with some conditions),’ says Greg. ‘Best of all, a new franchise comes with a guarantee of income for 24 months. That allows a franchisee to more than double their investment in their first two years, and reflects our confidence and experience in this business.

‘If you want to start small then grow to achieve your own dreams, call us. We take pride in developing motivated individuals into becoming successful business owners.’

Satwinder has the final word. ‘The franchise is a great deal for anyone like me who wants to build a business. If you are passionate, then Cleantastic offers first class tools. It’s had a very positive influence on my life.’

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