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last updated 10/12/2020

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by HeatSavers

last updated 10/12/2020

HeatSavers franchisees can make homes healthier, warmer, drier and more efficient

Despite recent publicity and legislation regarding warm, dry and healthy homes, Craig Cargill estimates there are still nearly a million homes in New Zealand in need of proper insulation – not to mention commercial buildings. ‘That’s a big problem – and a big opportunity,’ he says, ‘and it’s the market that the HeatSavers franchise is uniquely placed to serve.’

Craig has been involved with HeatSavers for 12 years, first as an employee, then as an area franchisee, and now franchisor. It’s a story that explains his passion for the insulation business and his satisfaction with HeatSavers as a business opportunity.

‘Generally, Kiwis have been very slow to recognise the importance of insulation for keeping in warmth, reducing damp and mould, and saving energy,’ he sighs. ‘We’ve only really started legislating for proper minimum standards since 1991, and most of the houses in this country were built well before that. Even the later ones with fibreglass insulation are experiencing issues as the fibreglass slumps and collapses over time.’

And that’s where HeatSavers comes in. ‘HeatSavers provides a water-based, non-toxic, open cell breathable foam insulation that can be injected into walls, ceilings and subfloors,’ explains Craig. ‘It’s an American system that we’ve had here for 30 years, and has been constantly improved as a result of our experiences in the New Zealand market. The material is mineral based, mixed with water and injected via a special foaming machine so it doesn’t require expensive recladding. The foam sets quickly and doesn’t expand to cause problems later on.

‘HeatSavers is the only company that can provide this system in New Zealand, and I want franchisees now to make the most of the expanding market among homeowners and landlords.’

An excellent track record

Craig and the HeatSavers team spent months working with councils around the country to ensure that the product is compliant with the Building Code. ‘Today we’ve proved our credibility with the councils, have full compliance and an excellent track record of installations.

‘Many of the houses we have treated have only ever had insulation in the roof or floor. Walls are just as important, and we’ve had many people tell us that their home now feels so warm and comfortable because it’s been properly insulated. The collapsed fibreglass problem presents a further opportunity as our product, known as ThermoWall, is the only one that can successfully be injected over the old material.’

The other major benefit of ThermoWall is that it is a far better sound insulator than fibreglass. ‘I’ve treated multiple hospitals, schools and retirement villages for sound insulation purposes to great effect,’ says Craig. ‘And, of course, they have the benefit of a warm and more energy-efficient building at the end, too.’

A rare opportunity

With homes, rental properties, commercial and public buildings all potential clients, the opportunity for new franchisees is considerable. ‘I’m just anxious to ensure I get the right people on board as franchisees to maintain the high standards we’ve set,’ says Craig.

  ‘I’m looking for customer-focused people, who may well come from a trade background, and have the ability to lead a small team finding customers, making sales, then supplying and installing HeatSavers products. You’ll receive full training and support, and all the systems you need to get up and running in your own exclusive territory.

‘There are opportunities in all the major centres, with an immediate focus around Auckland where we can’t keep up with demand. The total investment is usually around the $100,000 mark but, given the year  we have all had in 2020, I’m prepared to reduce that for a short period to get the right people on board. With an existing vehicle and equipment ready to go, we can have an Auckland franchisee up and running for only $60,000 +gst.

‘It’s a rare opportunity in a massive and growing market, so if you have the skills, the determination and the get-up-and-go to run with it, please contact me. HeatSavers has the technology and the experience to transform New Zealand’s buildings – we want people who will be proud to be a part of it.’   

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