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FocalPoint is a coaching opportunity backed by one of the best-known names in business

Andrew Phillips and Brian Tracy

In the world of business coaching and executive training, there are few better-known names than Brian Tracy. Many of New Zealand’s senior executives have benefited from his globally-renowned programmes, with clients including such well-known names as Air New Zealand, Toyota, ReMax and Coca-Cola, as well as many thousands of smaller companies.

Now there’s an opportunity for experienced managers and entrepreneurs to deliver those programmes themselves. FocalPoint is the franchise which distributes Brian Tracy seminars, trainings and products around the world, and they are looking for the right people to become certified FocalPoint Coaches in New Zealand.

‘In today’s market, having the right coaching and training is more important than ever,’ says FocalPoint franchisor Andrew Phillips. ‘Even before Covid-19, research showed some 86 percent of businesses were under-achieving; executives are being asked to do substantially more with fewer resources; and the average executive position lasts just two years. Using the programmes developed over 35 years by Brian Tracy, FocalPoint franchisees can help change all that.’

Get people engaged

Andrew says that a great FocalPoint coach is ‘not a loud, flag-waving hero at the front of a room – great coaches are steady, confident people who are good at asking questions, summarising, providing feedback and helping to define next steps. It’s about empathy and engaging your customers in achieving their KPIs.’

The FocalPoint franchise offers multiple income streams, including:

Coaching programmes. Brian Tracy offers five key programmes which can be delivered face-to-face or via Zoom to individuals, in-house to companies or via public sessions;

Corporate training. Franchises can offer courses ranging from a half day to a full year. The courses are fully-systemised and delivered via a fast-moving multi-media workshop;

Behavioural assessments. A suite of world-class psychometric tools to assist managers with hiring and review processes, as well as customising training needs;

Business planning. A cloud-based strategic planning tool helps businesses engage staff and managers in monthly, quarterly and annual planning processes.

All material is regularly updated to reflect new research and constantly-changing conditions.

While the Brian Tracy name builds business in itself, FocalPoint franchisees benefit from having good contacts. ‘That’s why franchisees aren’t restricted to geographical territories,’ Andrew explains. ‘You might have a great network within the medical sector, or a reputation in engineering, so we enable you to make the most of your specialist knowledge. You can operate full-time and make a substantial income, or put your experience to use on a part-time basis.’

Two opportunities

FocalPoint has two opportunities available.

The first is individual coaching franchises, which sees franchisees working on a one-to-one or group coaching basis with their clients. ‘We’re planning a maximum of 20 franchisees in New Zealand,’ says Andrew, ‘and we’re currently offering foundation pricing of just $69,950 +gst for a 7-year licence with a free right of renewal. In addition to all the initial training and a truckload of resources from Brian Tracy, you also have ongoing mentoring from an experienced coach who has billed over $250,000 for three years in a row. That points to the size of the opportunity, especially when you consider the high margins and low overheads from running a home-based business which can result in a Gross Profit of 80 percent or more.’

The second opportunity is for a master franchisee able to develop FocalPoint throughout the country by appointing and supporting local franchisees. They can also engage as a coach themselves while developing the business. ‘New Zealand is a unique country with a unique culture, so ultimately we need a local leader. As an indicator, our master franchisee in Australia appointed 15 franchisees over 3 years, which shows what a good leader can achieve,’ says Andrew. The master franchise investment is $140,000 +gst.

In both cases, franchisees will receive considerable support from Andrew (who is based in Australia) and the FocalPoint headquarters in Vancouver. ‘With agreed KPIs, monthly reporting and scorecards for every engagement, we can help franchisees stay on track and provide the support they need to achieve their goals,’ says Andrew.

‘Our business coaches around the world are busier than ever, so if you are looking for a work-from-home business with a great brand, massive resources, and the opportunity to help others, contact me and find out more about FocalPoint.’  

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