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Pack & Send franchisees solve freight problems profitably

Robert McDowell

This business doesn’t just produce great profits – it’s great fun, too. You never know what is going to come through your store next and the more challenging it is, the more interesting it is.’ So says Robert McDowell, who owns the Pack & Send franchise in Albany.

Pack & Send is a one-stop-shop for sending virtually ‘anything anywhere’ – offering the widest range of courier, freight and packaging services in New Zealand. Franchisees operate from retail premises, with a van enabling them to collect items from private or commercial customers such as online retailers and galleries. The company also has a strong reputation in other freight categories requiring top quality service such as IT equipment. As trade has become national and even international for businesses of all sizes, so the company’s sales have grown and grown.

‘Customer numbers are up 33 percent over last year, and online sales are up 100 percent.’ says Matthew Everest, Pack & Send’s NZ Franchisor. ‘Group sales were up 10 percent in the last quarter alone!’

The roots of success

Robert first discovered Pack & Send as a customer. ‘I was in the security industry and trying to get a visa to go to Vietnam. That meant sending my passport to Canberra and having it returned in time for my flight. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a company prepared to do the job until someone suggested I try Pack & Send. My local store said they did that kind of thing all the time – why hadn’t I asked them first? – and the job was done. After that, I began to explore what else they did and I realised that Pack & Send are effectively problem solvers. Mainstream carriers want volume and simplicity; Pack & Send deals with all the items they don’t want – which is actually a major chunk of the market.’

Four years ago, Robert found the very store which had solved his visa problem was on the market as the owners approached retirement. ‘I didn’t know much about franchising,’ he says, ‘but I knew how good the service was and my perception was that the company succeeded because the franchisor did everything they could to help franchisees and give them the tools to be successful. A good franchisor wants their franchisees to do well, so it’s a win/win situation.’ Four years after buying Pack & Send Albany, Robert hasn’t changed his view. ‘I’m still here and continuing to grow year-on-year because the model works!’

Like most Pack & Send franchisees, Robert knew little about freight and logistics before buying the business, but he says, ‘Matthew runs an excellent induction training, and the previous owner stayed on for a few months, which was very helpful. Having an experienced franchisor and other franchisees to call upon was also invaluable. There are nearly 20 franchises in New Zealand now and we all talk to each other about the latest trends and solutions. I try and give back a bit with the newer owners.’

Great lifestyle, great business

Named Pack & Send’s Franchisee of the Year, Robert has recently increased his range of services by taking on a warehouse which enables him to offer commercial customers 3rd Party Storage and Fulfilment (3PL) – outsourcing elements of their distribution and fulfilment services. It’s a whole new market for Pack & Send to tap into, and means franchisees have more opportunities than ever to add to the digital and retail income streams they already enjoy.

Matthew Everest says, ‘As businesses continue to pivot towards online sales channels, they become more reliant on distribution – so now is a good time to look at a Pack & Send franchise. Our franchisees come from all walks of life and the business suits couples or entrepreneurs. There are minimal staff, and because the business operates mostly Monday to Friday, office hours, it means you can enjoy a great lifestyle as well as a great business.

‘The investment of $160,000 +gst + working capital provides an all-inclusive, turnkey operation. Profitable territories are still available throughout New Zealand, so if you’re interested in getting out of the rat race and improving your work-life balance, call me.’   

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