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by Autoblast

last updated 24/03/2021

Prevention and Cure

by Autoblast

last updated 24/03/2021

Autoblast is the name to go to in rust removal and prevention. Now it’s a franchise opportunity

Autoblast are the automotive rustproofing, rust removal, sandblasting and recoating specialists. ‘We’ve been treating vehicles for over 16 years, and today we have vehicles coming to us from all over New Zealand. Customers are keen to protect their cars from rust or extend the life of their vehicle,’ says franchisor David Kirkham. ‘It’s a surprisingly big business, and we have very little competition for the unique service we offer.

‘We take pride in delivering the best care and service to your project – big or small. From the chassis of a 1930s Rolls Royce to the underbody of a Hilux, our purpose-built booths and highly-trained team can deliver the very best finish.’ And now David is looking for franchisees to deliver the same service on a local basis in major centres around New Zealand.

‘People come to Autoblast because we provide what customers want – our processes and systems are better than anything else available,’ he says. ‘I’d been thinking of expansion via company outlets, but I started talking to a major franchisor in the automotive industry, and he explained the benefits of having local ownership where people have skin in the game and really care about the service they provide.

‘I had to agree, so I took on the highly-experienced Franchize Consultants organisation to help develop a package that gives franchisees the incentive and ability to create profitable and sustainable businesses of their own. With media blasting, arc-spray galvanising, epoxy coating and cavity waxing, they will enjoy several different income streams.’

Every car everywhere

As David points out, all New Zealand cars come from overseas originally. ‘They spend goodness knows how long out in the open on a ship or a wharf before they even arrive, so the likelihood of rust is extremely high. And cars can rust really quite quickly in New Zealand too, depending on use and storage. We had a European car in recently which was owned by an elderly lady in St Heliers. It probably only got driven about once a year when her daughter took it out for a WOF, but because it lived outside near the sea it was badly rusted underneath.

‘Probably about 80 percent of Kiwis – and their cars – work and play in a high corrosion zone. Steel is a wonderful material, but it rusts. Our business is to extend the life of vehicles as long as possible by preventing rust starting, or dealing with it when it has.’

A major part of David’s work has been education. ‘When we started, we pitched ourselves at owners of quality vehicles and this attracted the attention of new car dealers,’ he explains. ‘They don’t want bits of rust on a brand spanking new $80,000 car, so we’ve built business by persuading people that prevention is better than cure. Even if rust has set in, we can get the condition back to the point where its longevity will be massively extended.’

For practical people with ambition

David is keen to hear from practical people who want to start their own business but have not found the right opportunity. ‘I can see Autoblast being highly appealing to panelbeaters, mechanics, pilots or aircraft engineers,’ he says. ‘We offer a unique service you’d find very hard to get elsewhere. A franchisee with Autoblast will understand the nitty gritty of doing the job, and be an active hands-on operator, certainly in the early days.

‘There are two major streams to the business – prevention and restoration – and a very wide customer base from owners to importers. All major centres need our service and we can get you into business with full training, equipment and your own fully-equipped workshop from around $500,000. Our motto is ‘Be a little bit better, every day in every way.’ If that aim for excellence appeals to you, give me a call.’   

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