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Dream Doors Nelson proves opportunities are everywhere

Morgan and Karina Tomlin

What downturn? ‘We have never been so busy,’ says Dream Doors franchisee Morgan Tomlin. ‘We had always been on track for big growth this year and the momentum has continued. If anything, lockdown really helped us because the franchise got together every week via Zoom and tweaked our marketing and Franchise Management System processes to be even more effective. With people spending up on home renovation right now, enquiries are pouring into Dream Doors at an even greater rate.’

Dream Doors specialises in kitchen refurbishment, plus facelifts in laundries, bathroom vanities and wardrobes. ‘Why should a kitchen upgrade mean replacing perfectly good cabinets with expensive new ones?’ asks franchisor Derek Lilly. ‘Generally, it’s only the doors, drawer fronts or work surfaces that are worn out, and by replacing those you can get a brand-new kitchen for a fraction of the cost.’

A happy accident

Morgan is an ex-engineer and primary school teacher, while wife Karina worked at Christchurch airport as a property manager. The couple came to Dream Doors via a lucky accident. ‘We designed and built our “forever” home, but when we had to sell after just 18 months, we felt slightly cheated of our dream kitchen. The next home we bought had a fine kitchen layout, but we didn’t like the design or colours. Seeking something fresher, we happened upon Dream Doors and realised we had found a business opportunity we could thrive in. With our combined experience, we had every confidence we could make a success of it – and we have!’

Four years on, the Tomlins have turned their Nelson franchise – the smallest Dream Doors region per capita in Australasia – into a powerhouse of drive and innovation. ‘The franchise provides great support through award-winning systems and monthly mentoring from Derek and the MD, Adrian Kay,’ says Morgan. ‘Yes, it has been a steep learning curve, but we’ve applied the grit and banked the experiences for the future. The most important thing is listening to your clients, understanding their desires, then using your skills, contacts and systems to deliver a result that exceeds their expectations.’ 

And with Dream Doors Nelson having just opened a new showroom, business is set to go on growing as Karina comes on board. ‘For the last five years I’ve been looking after our two small children,’ she explains. ‘The youngest will be joining his sister at school shortly, so I can join Morgan full-time.’

Have you got grit?

‘Morgan and Karina are a great example of hard-working business operators who have used the Dream Doors system to build a hugely successful business,’ says Derek. ‘If you think you could do the same, call me – we have opportunities in many parts of the country (plus Australia) from just $75,000. You don’t need building experience – you just need grit!’   

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