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by Black & White Coffee Cartel

last updated 18/09/2020

Fresh Beginning

by Black & White Coffee Cartel

last updated 18/09/2020

Black & White Coffee Cartel brings a new approach to the café scene

Black & White Coffee Cartel

If the recent lockdowns have proved one thing, it’s that the freedom New Zealanders miss most is access to great coffee – and loyal fans of Black & White Coffee Cartel were quick to form socially-distanced lines to get their fix as soon the cult café’s doors opened again.

Created by Bink Bowler in 2014, Black & White took its inspiration from the little cafés you find on every street corner in France or Italy. ‘They all roast their own coffee on the spot and grind it just moments before it is brewed. The result is a divine aroma which I defy any coffee-lover to pass by, and a cool and funky feel unlike the big chains with their massive kitchens and huge overheads.

‘Look at our Facebook page and you won’t see a dull corporate sameness to every outlet – we go for raw and funky. We serve classic-style café food, of course – croissants, pastries, bagels, scones, sandwiches – but some of our cafés make on-site, some buy in. Some of our highest trading shops don’t have kitchens at all – they just focus on customers in need of a grab-and-go coffee fix.’

This bespoke approach means that investment levels vary according to location and operation, starting from around $300,000 for a fully-equipped turn-key business.

Today there are already 12 Black & White Coffee Cartel stores around the South Island, with opportunities for more, and the company is looking for franchisees to take the concept north. Multi-store franchises are a possibility for the right people. The company is managed by Tony Yin – who has extensive experience in the café industry – with former All Black captain Reuben Thorne as major shareholder and co-director.

A business of your own

The key to the success of Black & White Coffee Cartel has been to turn owners into roasters as well as entrepreneurs. ‘Roasting is an art, so we train you to help you deliver a great product every time,’ says Tony. ‘And there’s another advantage to roasting on the spot – economics. We buy beans direct from the importer on a long-term contract, and they arrive in sacks at each café exactly as they left the farm in Honduras or Brazil. By roasting their own beans in-house, franchisees save 50-60 percent on the product cost. Better margins, better returns and a fresher product, too!’

Tony says that many people with experience in the café industry are drawn to Black & White because of its points of difference, ‘But we’ll consider anyone as long as they have a love of coffee, enjoy hard work and love making people smile. Hospitality is within – you’ve either got it, or you haven’t. If you have, then come and join us – we’ll support you to build a business of your own.’   

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