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last updated 17/09/2020

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last updated 17/09/2020

Jim’s Test & Tag is a thriving business in a growing industry

Jim's Test & Tag, Jim Penman

With almost 4,000 franchisees across Australia and New Zealand, Jim’s is one of the best-known names in franchising. It’s also a well-known name in health and safety, with Jim’s Test & Tag providing testing and tagging services for electrical equipment in workplaces, as well as fire extinguisher inspections and sales. Health & Safety regulations mean there’s no shortage of work for Jim’s Test & Tag franchisees, who don’t need electrical qualifications to test safety using specialised gear.

There are currently 40 Jim’s Test & Tag franchisees in New Zealand with demand for many more. ‘The brand is so strong, it makes it a lot easier for franchisees across all our services to find work,’ says group founder Jim Penman – the original ‘Jim’. ‘In fact, our major problem is often unserviced leads!’

That’s good news for anyone looking for a secure business opportunity. New franchisees receive rigorous training backed up by some impressive systems. ‘We have spent over $1.5 million on IT systems alone in the past year, developing new programs which cut down the amount of time franchisees spend on admin by improving billing and scheduling, as well as helping with quality control,’ says Jim. 

‘Some tagging services just don’t do the testing properly and the results can be disastrous. When we were starting up, an unchecked monitor cable started a fire that burned our call centre down. Clients know that when they use Jim’s, work will be done properly and professionally every time. That means our franchisees can compete on quality, not cost, and they earn more because of it.’

No experience needed

‘What matters most in a Jim’s Test & Tag franchisee is their character, not their experience,’ Jim says. ‘They need to care about doing a good job, have a good customer ethos, and be businesslike – respond quickly to requests and be prompt and reliable. In return, they can build a business with recurring income. All businesses must ensure their workplace is safe for everyone, and electrical equipment needs to be inspected at least annually, with building site or workshop equipment needing more frequent inspection.’

For new franchisees, the franchise fee of $55,000 +gst covers everything bar a suitable vehicle: exclusive territory, test equipment, uniform, promotional material, business cards – even pens. Vehicles can be new, secondhand or leased, and the buying power of the Jim’s Group means the franchisees can access substantial discounts on vehicles and appliances.

Jim says that while the recent lockdowns affected everyone, ‘Testing and tagging is not the sort of thing businesses can cut back on – safety is a legal requirement. It means lots of opportunities around New Zealand to start right now – give Peter Mahon a call today to find out more.’    

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