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Cleantastic needs great franchisees to be their own boss

Cleantastic, Greg Paget

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an incredible impact on virtually everybody in the country. One thing that has been highlighted is the need for good cleaning systems in businesses. It’s always been important, but now there’s suddenly a new appreciation of the work that’s done by those who provide good cleaning services.

‘And because of that, we at Cleantastic need to continue to appoint new franchisees,’ says Greg Paget, Cleantastic NZ franchisor.

‘Potential clients are now looking for a company that has good systems in place to ensure quality service – not just the cleaning systems themselves, but also the other essentials such as good training, good health and safety plans and good Public Liability Insurance.

‘There’s another aspect to being a preferred supplier these days, too – compliance to NZ labour laws. This is an incredibly important factor, not just legally but morally. We’ve developed good employment systems for our franchisees to use, and have worked a lot with MBIE and the Labour Inspectorate to ensure they comply.

‘It’s all part of being a good business owner and that’s what the Cleantastic opportunity is all about. If you just want to be a cleaner, call another company – but if you want to develop into a successful business owner, call us. Our mission is: To develop motivated individuals to become successful business owners.

Start small and grow

Most of the nearly 300 Cleantastic franchisees around the country started small, so they could learn and become confident before growing their businesses. The company provides comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms, business cards and manuals – ‘In fact, everything you need to get started, including a client base,’ says Greg.

‘It’s important to begin with a size that you can manage, then once you are good at what you are doing, we’ll help you grow it and secure new clients with support from our seven offices around the country. We also provide training programmes on specialised areas of cleaning to help you build more revenue, with expert help, support and guidance in all areas of your business.’

Cleantastic covers most parts of New Zealand, including many of the smaller provincial centres. ‘There is still a huge number of places that we can continue to grow or venture into, which means exciting opportunities for current and new franchisees.’

There are a lot of cleaning companies out there, so what’s the difference at Cleantastic? ‘Well, the royalty fee is lower and you don’t need a big upfront investment, but above all we value our franchisees as individual business owners.

‘If you have that same great attitude and understand the importance of good customer service, call or email me and find out for yourself.’   

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