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Oncore’s repair and maintenance management franchise is recession-proof

Oncore franchisees find reliable people for essential jobs

The need for repairs and maintenance never goes away, as many people have realised during their enforced time at home recently. ‘A recent poll by NZME suggested that people are now far more keen to invest in home renovation and their properties rather than luxuries such as travel and dining out,’ says Dan Vincent, Managing Director of Oncore. ‘22 percent of people surveyed said they are likely to spend more money on home improvement.’

‘I’m not sure if this is because people have been stuck in their homes and noticed things that need fixing, or whether they have decided proper repairs and renovation are a more sensible investment given the economic climate. Whatever the reason, this is pretty much a recession-proof business in any case. Whether the economy is weak or strong, storms happen, windows break, pipes burst and homes get damaged. All that kind of work has to be done and is usually insurance-funded.’

Changes in legislation have also helped drive an enormous market for Oncore’s services. ‘There are 600,000 rental properties in NZ and over the next 3-4 years almost all of them will need work to meet new Government Healthy Home Standards which aim to ensure warmer, drier homes for tenants,’ Dan says. ‘Oncore franchisees can go in and do a full inspection, top to bottom, and use our app to generate a detailed report showing the gaps in compliance, and quote for any required work at the same time. With health and safety more top of mind than ever, conditions such as damp and mould only increase the urgency of the work.’ 

Seeking managers from any background

Oncore is one of three franchise brands created by strategic marketing specialist Traffic to service the national home renovation, enhancement and maintenance market. Refresh Renovations specialises in managing home renovations and enhancements; Zones manages residential landscaping; while Oncore franchisees organise home maintenance, repairs, decorating and installation. 

It’s a big market, with New Zealanders spending over $8 billion a year on renovations alone, and Oncore is growing fast. ‘In less than a year we’ve taken on 12 franchisees, with several other people currently looking seriously at the opportunity in their own areas,’ says Dan. 

Oncore franchisees need to be experienced managers rather than having building industry experience. ‘Oncore franchisees organise tradies to carry out the small, urgent or essential jobs that every home needs,’ Dan explains. ‘In our first year, we generated a steady stream of leads. With franchisees also doing local marketing and getting repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients, we now need more franchisees around the country to service what is becoming an increasingly important growth market.’

Removing the stress

For the homeowner, the huge advantage of Oncore’s services is that it offers one point of contact. ‘The franchisee’s job is to project manage and coordinate the tradies round the requirements of the job, and remove any stress for the client,’ continues Dan. ‘Chippies, plumbers and sparkies are not necessarily the best at communicating – hiring Oncore for a job means homeowners can save time and frustration, while tradies can get on with the jobs they are trained for. Also, every job is unique, and it pays to use a specialist provided by Oncore rather than general workers.’

Dan himself has a background in the financial services sector here and in Australia and the UK. ‘I then started a successful chain of retail stores, The Homestore. Two years ago, I sold the last of those and looked around for something new. I knew Chris Caiger, one of the founders of Traffic, and it all started there. With my previous work in financial services I was well-acquainted with the insurance industry, and that knowledge and the contacts I made have been very helpful in building national links which bring in more work for Oncore franchisees.’ 

Quality matters

The essential qualities for an Oncore franchisee are customer service, communication, project management, and professionalism. ‘If you have a trade background, fine, but it is certainly not essential, says Dan. ‘Sales, marketing and organisation are the keys to this business. The ability to build a team of trusted tradies and pick the right person for the right job every time is also critical. Quality speaks – if a job is done properly first time, it is going to last and bring in more referrals.’

The investment for an Oncore franchise is $50,000 + gst. ‘We have areas available throughout the country, and are keen to hear from anyone with the right skills – no matter what their previous career,’ says Dan. ‘If you think you can build a complete service that customers know they can rely on, give me a call and book a place at one of our regular discovery presentations.’   

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