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Looking for a new career that brings joy? sKids have opportunities right now

sKids, Jin Ping Tay & Ray Guo with baby Isaac

If you love working with people, then sKids have a real buzz to offer you. ‘We know many people have been made redundant in sectors like the tourism industry as a result of Covid-19, and that’s awful – but it also gives you the chance to be the master of your own destiny,’ says Dawn Engelbrecht. ‘If you love working with people and children, and you’re ready to make a difference within your community, then sKids offers a fantastic opportunity from as little as $35,000.’

Dawn is CEO of Safe Kids in Daily Supervision (sKids), which provides before- and after-school care for children. There are 70 sKids franchisees operating 170 centres at schools around New Zealand, and the franchise has gained an international following based on its innovative programmes and determination to have a positive impact upon children’s lives. 

In addition to FoodStorm, which aims to teach every child to cook, sKids franchisees offer a suite of innovative programmes such as music, sport and recreation. ‘Our aim is to provide programmes and activities that parents can clearly see will be of benefit to their children’s education, health and wellbeing,’ says Dawn. ‘These give expanded opportunities to our franchisees, and present parents with something of value rather than just an ordinary after-school care service.’

Make a difference

sKids is a great business opportunity which benefits from low fixed costs, no fit-out costs, and rental agreements in line with this type of business. sKids systems make it straightforward to comply with all the Government regulations around childcare and funding. Most of all, it’s a business which brings joy to kids, parents and franchisees alike.

 ‘If you’d like to get the greatest buzz into your career this would be a great time to jump into a superb business,’ says sKids franchisee and new mum Jin Ping Tay. ‘Fun is compulsory – all you need in addition are great organisational and communications skills. The ethos of sKids – looking after children – naturally spills over to us franchisees. I can’t think of a nicer way to have fun, make a big difference and be well-rewarded.’

Better than ever

Having been in operation since 1996, the sKids business model has stood the test of time. ‘We are recognised by the Ministry of Social Development as providing an essential service, and everyone in the franchise is completely dedicated to what we do,’ says Dawn. ‘We consider ourselves to be a family of families. 

‘That was crystal clear through the lockdown. Franchisees all went out on a limb to help each other and their clients. Their dedication was remarkable, and every single franchisee has kept their business running as a result. To help them, I had an open forum each week with all our franchisees, and our support team spoke to every franchisee individually once a week as well. With the wage subsidy everyone was able to keep their staff on, and we moved even more of our training online so everyone could use the time to upskill. It meant sKids franchises around the country could come back better than ever.’ 

No better time

Dawn reckons there is no better time to get into a sKids franchise. ‘As New Zealand gets back on its feet after Covid-19 and people get back to work, the demand for sKids out-of-school care will grow even more. We have opportunities in many parts of the country, so this is a golden opportunity for new franchisees to seize the moment.

‘People from the tourism industry and the hospitality sector, people who enjoy working with people and kids, are the type of people we know make great sKids franchisees. So how about it? Do you want to be dependent and owned by a corporate for the rest of your career, or would you like to be your own boss in a highly rewarding and resilient industry? Get in touch and find out how to have fun in a business of your own.’   

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