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NZA Apprenticeships wants managers to build businesses supporting young workers

The rise of unemployment following the recent pandemic might make it easier for employers to find staff, but recruiting the right people, training them properly and managing them through the necessary compliance processes will only increase the headaches for business owners.

Chris Hilson

That’s especially true in the construction industry, where demand continues to grow and professional apprenticeships are actively being encouraged as the way to upskill New Zealand’s labour force – especially as immigration slows the influx of overseas workers. 

‘Unfortunately, most hands-on builders lack the time, skills or HR resources to recruit potential apprentices and handle the associated administration,’ says Chris Hilson.’ That’s why, with business partner Penny Clayton, I founded NZA Apprenticeships in 2017 not just to handle the recruitment of new apprentices, but also to employ and mentor them – as well as coordinating the apprentice training programme to ensure they achieve the necessary qualifications at the end. It takes a huge load off the builders and leaves them free to concentrate on their businesses.’

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in the building sector. He and Penny both have experience in franchising, too, so it’s no surprise that with the programme well-established in Auckland and the Waikato, they are now seeking franchisees in other parts of the country.

‘Our managed apprenticeship package not only provides the opportunity for men and women to gain a range of building qualifications, and for building contractors to take on trialled and vetted apprentices with none of the usual HR and admin hassles; it also offers the opportunity to build a rewarding business as a NZA Apprenticeships franchisee.’

Compelling offer

Chris says the NZA Apprenticeships business model is straightforward. ‘The franchisee recruits and evaluates potential apprentices and then approaches prospective hosts to subcontract approved apprentices with the offer that’s hard to refuse. The franchisee not only handles paying apprentices at above the minimum training wage but also deals with PAYE, Kiwisaver and holiday and statutory pay, as well as managing apprentice qualification progress.

‘Income for the franchisee is the negotiated amount above an apprentice’s wage and below their charge-out rate. The franchisee invoices the building contractors – we call them ‘hosts’ – for each apprentice, based on hours worked. For an investment starting at $75,000 +gst, a couple or partner team who put in the time and effort can in three years be earning $160-$170,000 gross.’ 

NZA Apprenticeships already has three franchises up and running with two company-developed areas for sale and new territories available country-wide. ‘This is a home-based franchise supported by full training with comprehensive cloud-based management, accounting and administration systems,’ says Chris. ‘If you have excellent management, motivational, people and soft sales skills, we want to hear from you – now!’    

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