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last updated 18/09/2020

Overcoming Pests And Pestilence

by Ecomist

last updated 18/09/2020

Helping businesses recover from lockdown means more demand for Ecomist franchisees

Ecomist Dave Gerrie keeps local businesses safe and healthy

When businesses and commercial premises were allowed to reopen at the end of Level 3, many owners and managers discovered they had a problem on their hands with rodents and insects that had taken full advantage of the lockdown. They turned to Ecomist, whose franchisees around the country were suddenly very busy helping new clients to eradicate the problem.

‘Our programmable dispensers help businesses maintain pest-free environments for their customers and staff, and in the case of food outlets are a vital part of their Food Hygiene Certification,’ says Ecomist General Manager Ian Robertson. ‘Ecomist franchisees also help with sanitising issues and, where there are bigger issues with rodents or perhaps infestations, put their pest management qualifications to good use and get rid of the pests. 

‘Clients include a variety of businesses such as cafés and restaurants, fast food outlets, aged-care facilities, child-care facilities, banks and many more. All a business has to do is make an enquiry on our website or call 0800 75 75 78 and the local franchisee will be in touch directly.’

A genuine New Zealand business

Ecomist is a New Zealand company through and through. The company’s range of aerosol-based insect repellents and killers, surface barrier sprays and insect grenades, all use chrysanthemum daisy-based natural pyrethrums. These, along with their odour neutraliser and fragrance products, are all manufactured at the franchise’s Rotorua base by parent company Damar Industries.

With the high demand for sanitizing products in New Zealand, Damar was able to use its resources to manufacture a range of hygiene products, including high-grade hand sanitiser gel in pump bottles, along with an aerosol disinfectant surface spray. As a result, Ecomist is about to commence offering these products for sale as part of its expanded range under the sub-brand ArmiSan. 

‘There’s no doubt that the addition of these hygiene products will help strengthen the overall Ecomist service, and the business model for franchisees,’ says Ian.

Three sources of income

Ecomist provides its franchisees with three solid and recurring revenue streams across both the commercial and residential sectors:

• Customers can order and pay for products online via the Ecomist website, which experienced record sales of pest control products during lockdown. Orders are fulfilled by local franchisees, which provides steady and recurring income while allowing franchisees to develop and nurture ongoing relationships.

• Many franchisees also sell Ecomist products through local retail outlets, with the ArmiSan hygiene range providing a valuable new opportunity for them.

• The commercial side of the business sees franchisees (or their staff) providing an ongoing service with the programmable aerosol dispensers that disperse insect killer or odour neutraliser, as well as sanitising and pest control programmes.

Opportunity knocks down south

With 18 franchises throughout New Zealand, ‘Ecomist has a very satisfied and very stable franchise network,’ says Ian. ‘However, opportunities to join the team do arise occasionally, and we have one right now in Otago/Southland. This is an established business which will be competitively-priced for an entrepreneurial self-starter who has solid business acumen and the drive to grow this region into one of Ecomist’s leading performers.’

While the franchise covers a large area (from Oamaru to Invercargill) and could best be managed from a Central Otago base, Ian says there is sufficient potential to consider working with a new franchisee to split the original territory into two or three new territories, one or more of which they could then on-sell.

‘Whilst some previous experience with pest control would be beneficial, it is not essential as a new franchisee will be given on-the-job training in the Ecomist systems and processes,’ says Ian. ‘In addition, any new franchisee will be expected to undertake external training to achieve a Level 3 qualification in urban pest management.’

One of the most appealing aspects of the Ecomist opportunity is the exclusive franchise territories, which mean franchisees support each other rather than competing for business. ‘Franchisees retain full margin on all aerosol and hygiene products sold, and only pay royalties on their pest control work,’ Ian explains. ‘A marketing levy on the sale of all Ecomist aerosol and hygiene products goes into a national marketing fund to be spent on promoting the Ecomist business nationally and locally. This is targeted at providing franchisees the opportunity to drive revenue and reap the rewards of those marketing initiatives and their own hard work.’

The time is right now

Following the surge in online sales, Ecomist conducted a survey that highlighted the brand’s excellent reputation and strength in the marketplace. Referrals play an important role in the success of any business, and 62 percent of the survey respondents said they had heard of Ecomist via word of mouth.

For someone looking to invest in the Otago/Southland franchise, Ian says the timing for getting on board couldn’t be better. ‘The combination of this demand with multiple income streams and recurring sales offers solid ongoing revenue growth for franchisees,’ Ian concludes. 

‘In these uncertain times, that provides a welcome serving of certainty for the right people. Contact me to find out more about Ecomist.’  

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