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The Sky's The Limit

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SkyHooks franchisees operate minicranes with maximum reach

It’s clever, no matter which way you look at it. Engineer a solution that combines a 4WD ute with a 2.2 ton-capable crane and suddenly, when it comes to heavy lifting and placing large objects into awkward places, you’re the most popular bloke in town.

That’s exactly what Rory Antony, a qualified aircraft engineer, has achieved with the SkyHooks business he launched in 2018. It represents a completely new concept and he says feedback has been incredibly positive. Now he’s looking to expand the franchise network nationwide, from Northland to Queenstown.

For SkyHooks’ four existing franchisees, word-of-mouth has proved to be the best advertising of all. That’s understandable – solve one customer’s lifting problem and they’ll happily recommend you to others. It’s a demand that new franchisees will soon experience for themselves.

Rory says SkyHooks gets calls to solve a wide range of lifting challenges involving everything from swim-spas and spa-pools to air-conditioning units, double-door fridges, stone benches, nursery trees, sheds and large furniture items for first-floor apartments.

‘Our motto is, “If we can lift it, we will do it.” The minicrane can lift up to 355 kilos at a distance of 6.7 metres. It often out-performs traditional Hiab-equipped trucks, both in price and versatility, and for anything bigger, two minicrane units can be deployed in tandem.’

Is it for you?

So what sort of person makes a great SkyHooks franchisee?

‘The business suits an individual owner-operator who is self-motivated and capable of managing themselves efficiently. A problem-solver with common sense, positive attitude, reasonable hand skills, and some understanding of the physics of lifting,’ explains Rory. ‘However, no crane experience is necessary as all training is provided (except NZQA).

‘Ideally they will also have some basic business skills, and they’ll need the willingness to learn and trust the franchise system, which has been proven to work really well.

‘Another key pre-requisite is the ability to align with our goals and business ethics,’ he adds. ‘For example, we prefer to support Kiwi-made products and other local businesses when we can.’

New concept, solid return

For an all-up investment of $125,000 +gst, a SkyHooks franchisee gets a ready-to-go business including ute truck and minicrane, trailer, all the necessary tools, digital marketing assistance, uniforms, insurance assessment and all training – excluding the required one-day NZQA course.

‘Most of the equipment is supplied at cost,’ says Rory, ‘which makes this franchise really affordable. You’ve also got to allow for a bit of time to get up to speed over the first three months, but with reasonable sales skills, a new fully-financed franchisee can expect to take home around $75,000 after the first 12 months. That’s for a 40-hour week, and achieving a charge-out rate of around 80 percent on your total time.’

Rory says there are opportunities to grow, too, by employing staff and operating more than one crane in your exclusive territory, and there’s nothing to prevent a franchisee expanding further by purchasing a neighbouring region.

The more you do, the more you earn

Kyle Bryant operates the Mount Maunganui region and manages national franchise recruitment. That puts him in an ideal position to see the long-term potential of SkyHooks, and he’s excited by the possibilities for extra business that a network of franchisees will generate through partnering with various freight companies, fleet operators and others on a national basis. ‘It means that we can look at developing corporate clients for franchisees as well as their own contacts,’ he explains.

Kyle has already seen the positive impact their minicranes have had on the spa-pool industry, and knows of instances where clients have saved thousands of dollars by swapping the hire of large cranes for SkyHooks’ affordable minicranes.

‘This is a very franchisee-friendly business, too – simple to operate and straightforward to finance, with comparatively low (and set) flat-rate franchise fees. It means the more work you and your minicranes do, the more money in your pocket,’ he says.

‘For anyone looking for a franchise business with maximum reach and potential, a SkyHooks franchise  ticks all the boxes. Contact us and find out more.’   

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