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by V.I.P Home Services

last updated 26/06/2020

From Stress to Success

by V.I.P Home Services

last updated 26/06/2020

V.I.P. provides the tools, training and support to help you start a new life

Richard Gordon Stables did a brief calculation recently which surprised him. ‘Do you know, last week I only did 23 hours lawn-mowing but grossed as much as I did when I worked more than 50 hours a week for a wholesaler! No wonder I feel a whole lot better than I used to,’ he laughs.

Richard’s success comes as no surprise to John and Estelle Logan, the National Franchisors for V.I.P. Home Services. ‘I think all of our franchisees would say that they’ve lost weight and found a healthier lifestyle, and some of our full-time franchisees are earning well over $2,500 a week, so they’re winners all round,’ says Estelle.

V.I.P. offers Outdoor franchises, like Richard’s, which provide landscaping, lawnmowing, groundskeeping, pruning, maintenance, hedge trimming and more. There’s also an equally rewarding Indoor opportunity which covers cleaning homes, offices, windows and carpets, as well as end-of-rental and spring cleans.

‘Both opportunities offer a healthy lifestyle and a variety that suits people from all sorts of backgrounds,’ Estelle explains. ‘Some of our franchisees have bought their first-ever homes thanks to the financial security their franchise has provided.’

Goodbye to bosses

Richard joined the V.I.P. family four years ago after many years of stressful employment. ‘Bosses are under so much pressure these days and have become too grumpy and bullying. That filters right down and I had to get away from it.’

Richard found himself cold calling for a job. ‘It wasn’t pleasant,’ he recalls. ‘After each rejection I kept asking myself, “What could I do that I’d actually enjoy?” I love working outside, but you need money to get into a business and the bank wouldn’t give me a loan without proof of a regular income, so it was Catch 22. Then I realised that if I bought a well-known franchise, that should enable me to borrow a little bit to start then I could build it up.’

Richard investigated the lawnmowing franchises thoroughly. ‘I called the lot,’ he states bluntly. ‘V.I.P. were completely professional, and we quickly had a meeting set up. They presented the opportunity clearly, but it was a big step for me and I was very worried about whether it really would work as well as it seemed to. Eventually I  talked myself into it on the basis of “What else am I going to do?”  I’m so glad I did.’

Paid training pays off

V.I.P. provides a paid training period covering not just the work itself but business management, too. Richard says it made all the difference to the success he achieved, ‘Even if it felt a bit like the army at first – I started going out with one of the area managers, Grant Bailey, who does up to 17 lawns in a day! Now I look back on it, I realise I’m always thinking about Grant and the training he gave me. There is not a single aspect of it I didn’t absorb and not one thing about mowing lawns he didn’t teach me. It was right on the button, and it couldn’t have been better.’

Richard took advantage of the flexibility the V.I.P. system offers and started with $700 per week around 20-odd clients in West Auckland. ‘It grew far more rapidly than I expected, and by my second year I had 120 lawns. I was making good money, I had a lovely steady relationship, my kids were doing well and I had a good business doing work I really enjoy. All seemed good.’

Then came an unexpected set-back which demonstrated another advantage of buying a V.I.P. franchise. ‘I had a minor heart-attack caused by a big build-up of stress-induced cholesterol, which I figure was a left-over from all my previous jobs – I should have bought the franchise earlier,’ he laughs. ‘I had to wait a year on the queue for bypass surgery, and Estelle and John were superb. They’ve always been so helpful, and in the 14 weeks I was off work all my lawns were done by other local franchisees. I lost none of my business, which is what would have happened if I’d not had the support of V.I.P. behind me.’

Support is what we do

Estelle says, ‘Supporting franchisees in growing their own business is what we do, and when there’s a problem we all rally round. Richard is a lovely guy and has found a business in which he can enjoy the work he does and make good money. Our flexible approach means anyone can start at a level which is comfortable for them then grow at their  own speed.

‘Your success is our success, so we’ll do our utmost to help you achieve what you want, whether that’s a small part-time business or an expanding network with an executive-sized income. V.I.P. has franchise opportunities available for sale in your area right now, so give us a call.

Now fully recovered, Richard is enjoying his healthy lifestyle again and doing so well that a new house is on the cards. ‘I’m so glad I chose V.I.P.  I can work at my own speed, and still make really good money!’   

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