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Spray & Wash Solutions enables franchisees to start small, grow big

Henry Norcross: 'You can build a substantial business that offers great returns'

Ask the question, ‘Can I earn $200,000 a year?’ and Henry Norcross will give you a straight answer: ‘Yes, of course – but probably not until year three. Like any business, Spray & Wash Solutions takes effort and nurturing before the full benefits flow through, but this is a solid opportunity for the right people and offers great scope for recurring income.’

Spray & Wash Solutions offers professional exterior building washing services. The company was established in 2014 by Henry to provide both residential and commercial exterior washing services in the Auckland region. ‘We are responsive, reliable, and can meet flexible deadlines. We offer a comprehensive range of exterior pressure washing and water blasting services to treat buildings, roofs, gutters, car parks, decks and driveways, as well as specialist services such as spider treatments.

‘We aim to provide a service that is professional, efficient and thorough so that our clients can place their complete confidence in our brand. Franchisees need to live up to those expectations, meeting and exceeding health, safety, and environmental standards. In return, we have developed chemical formulations, equipment packages and systems to help you run an efficient and quality customer-focused business from day one. You need no previous experience and can build a substantial business that offers great returns from an investment level that starts as low as $38,000 +gst.

‘Best of all, we will guarantee minimum sales of $50,000 for the first year and show you the tried-and-tested formula we use for attracting new customers every month, both residential and commercial.’

Getting the big contracts

Henry has a background in printing and logistics. ‘I dealt primarily with large corporate clients, and what I loved doing was innovating within our company and going to market with many industry firsts over the years. I still maintain interests in digital publishing and e-commerce, but I was looking for a new model to develop – something that offered people the benefits of owning your own business, but with far more potential than being a one-man operator. I saw a gap in the market in a very basic but essential operation – home and building washing. With my background in servicing the corporate world, and knowing the detail required, I set out to investigate from every angle.

‘I bought a small company that was already operating and set about analysing the problems and opportunities it faced. The biggest of those was around documentation of processes and procedure, and the ability to evidence your company’s experience and credentials through things like photo-documenting a roof wash, for example. That means your small, local house-washing guy, who may do a terrific job, is never going to pick up those big contracts because he cannot demonstrate his ability to satisfy them while meeting health and safety standards. That’s where we can add real value for franchisees, making them part of a trusted national brand. That’s what the big property companies and corporates are looking for before they allocate contracts.

‘For example, when I quoted for one major job I sent a 16 page proposal complete with before photos and a well-documented specification that showed the professionalism of Spray & Wash Solutions. The response from the property manager was “fantastic – this is next level stuff and exactly what we need to provide to building owners.” Because it had solid evidence behind it, we got the contract.

‘Spray & Wash Solutions has cleaned shopping malls, retail parks, commercial complexes, schools, high-rise office buildings, and our processes are all documented and systemised. It means franchisees can go to any big potential client, property company or corporate and show they have the necessary skills and, if it’s a really big job, you can call on other franchisees to help.’

Opportunities nationwide

Having proven the success of the business model over five years, Spray & Wash Solutions already has several franchisees operating out of its North Auckland depot. Now the company is looking for more local operators, as well as entrepreneurial people to take master licences for areas outside Auckland that offer significant opportunities.

‘We offer a turn-key operation that will enable you to service clients from day one,’ says Henry. ‘This is a very flexible opportunity – you can start on the tools and gradually reduce your time as you take on staff, or start larger with a team while you focus on building the business. There’s full training, assistance with marketing and online promotion, help with selecting the right equipment package, accounting set-up and lots more to help get you up and running.

‘You’ll also have an exclusive marketing area, which means that if you get a contract with a multi-site client based in your area then you can service all their sites, or bring in other franchisees to help as you choose. Licence fees and costs vary depending on chosen equipment and area.’

Henry concludes, ‘We’ve accumulated a great deal of experience in this industry and Spray & Wash Solutions has built an excellent reputation. Now we need franchisees nationwide to meet the demand for reliable first-class service. Give me a call to find out more about opportunities in your town.’   

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