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Dream Doors franchisees get together to make a difference

Some of the Dream Doors team at conference in Hawaii

When Dream Doors was founded in the UK 20 years ago, people were talking about the environment and the need to recycle, but not many were doing anything about it. That was especially true in the building and renovation sector, where refurbishing a kitchen resulted in a skip full of old units being carted off to landfill.

‘We changed all that by offering refacing instead, keeping the perfectly serviceable joinery and updating the look with new doors and fittings,’ says Derek Lilly, one of the original founders who now runs Dream Doors New Zealand. ‘It appealed to homeowners because it saved them time, money and disruption – we could be in and out in a day or two, leaving them with a fashionable new kitchen. Over the years since, Dream Doors must have saved tens of thousands of kitchens from the skip and tip.’

Derek brought Dream Doors to New Zealand in 2007 and there are now 10 franchisees around the country here, with opportunities for more in many parts of the country. ‘Some 80 percent of our work is still refacing and recycling, but we also supply and fit new elements such as worktops, new units and even whole kitchens,’ Derek explains.

Quick response

Dream Doors New Zealand is independent of the UK, giving it the ability to respond quickly to local needs. ‘We’ve just had an awesome annual conference in Hawaii, and when franchisees brought up suggestions for improvements, we were able to discuss them and agree them on the spot: improving our ordering system, data gathering, product design, and so on. We need to explore them further and cost them before implementing, of course, but that’s the beauty of us all getting together. In fact, we’re going to add a mini-conference and a couple of quarterly video meetings to our calendar each year.

‘There’s a real sense that we are all in this business together. Our managing director, Adrian Kay, is a franchisee himself so he sees it from everyone’s point of view and knows what’s needed and what really works.’

Dream Doors franchisees also enjoy the benefits of the company’s unique cloud-based Franchise Management System. ‘This pretty much does everything for a franchisee: tracks leads and revenues; measures advertising effectiveness; collects and monitors customer feedback and can identify potential issues, as well as enabling the franchise support team to keep a finger on the health of each franchisee’s business,’ says Derek.

‘With support like this, and a franchise fee of around $75,000 +gst (less for smaller territories), Dream Doors is one of the best business packages going. Contact me to learn more about what makes it so successful.’     

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