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Cleantastic franchisee builds financial security after part-time start

Rosaline and Vikash Lingam have owned their own business for 12 years

When Vikash Lingam first arrived in New Zealand 20 years ago, he did a bit of motel cleaning while looking for a ‘proper’ job. He found that at Progressive, where he became a produce manager, but the early mornings were a bit of a problem with a young family and it was hard to get ahead. That’s when he started talking to a Cleantastic franchisee about the commercial cleaning sector, and made the decision to join the company.

 Vikash and his wife Rosaline have now had their own Cleantastic business in Manukau for 12 years. Not only do they enjoy flexible hours with time for family; they’ve also bought five rental properties in other parts of the country. ‘Cleantastic allows you to make money then it’s up to you to invest it wisely,’ smiles Vikash.

Like many Cleantastic franchisees, Vikash started part-time while keeping his day job. ‘I went through all the training, which taught me how to do a professional job in the most efficient way. It took me around three months to get settled in then we went for it. Yes, it was hard work at first but it paid off. Cleantastic provides clients for you but also teaches you to find them for yourself, and how to do your own quoting.

‘Compared to other franchises, the royalty fee is lower and you also don’t need a big upfront investment. We started with just a small car; the big vehicle comes later when you’re making money. Today we have 17 clients per week, some with daily cleans, and I do most of them myself and with family. It’s a very good business and, best of all, we  have a good bond with our franchisor.’

What makes us different?

Greg Paget, Cleantastic NZ franchisor, says it’s that bond which makes Cleantastic different. ‘We value our franchisees as individual business owners who develop their own relationship with the clients. As a result, people like Vikash can make a real difference to their lives, and he’s not the only one – we have franchisees who have been with us for 20 years and are about to renew their franchises. Everything we do is evaluated on how it affects the franchisees.

‘Most of our nearly 300 franchisees around the country started part-time, so they could learn and become confident before their business grows. Some then switch to full-time. We provide comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms, business cards and manuals – in fact, everything you need to get started, including a client base. Then there’s ongoing support from our seven offices around the country, including training programmes on specialised areas of cleaning to help build your revenue. They also provide expert help, support and guidance in all areas of  your business.

‘We train you to invoice clients and collect payments yourself, rather than charging higher fees to do it for you, so you learn real business skills rather than just cleaning. And entry costs are very affordable, starting from as low as $19,600 +gst, including equipment, with finance available (conditions apply).

‘Best of all, a new franchise comes with a guarantee of income for 24 months. That allows a franchisee to more than double their investment in their first two years and reflects our confidence and experience in this business.’

Available now

Greg says that you don’t need any cleaning experience to be a Cleantastic franchisee. ‘In fact, it’s almost better not to, so we can train you in what really works best for you and your clients. But we can’t train attitude, so it’s important that you have the determination to become a successful business owner and understand the importance of satisfying the client. That means you also need good communication skills. If you have all those, then you can build a successful and rewarding business like Vikash.’

Cleantastic has new opportunities available right now throughout New Zealand. ‘I’ve been with Cleantastic for 15 years, and seen many franchisees grow and succeed with our support. To find out if this is an opportunity that’s right for you, contact me today.’  

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