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Train as a safety trainer and enjoy the support of ASWEFA as you grow your own business

ASWEFA franchisees provide workplace training to help operators stay safe

Do you love interacting with people? Can you explain concepts and consequences to all sorts of people? Do you want to run your own business that makes a real difference to the lives of people and their families? Then Treena Myers wants to hear from you.

Treena and her husband Henry are founders of the safety training company ASWEFA, which stands for A Safe Working Environment For All. ‘We work with companies of all sizes around the country to help them ensure that their equipment operators get home safely every night,’ Treena explains. ‘Franchisees don’t have to be operators themselves, but they do have to be able to help people understand how to keep themselves and others from harm.

‘We provide franchisees with full training, including a three-month national programme leading to a certificate in adult education, and guaranteed support as we train you to be a trainer. There’s additional learning of ASWEFA’s own programmes and systems, and then you are ready to go as a fully-qualified trainer in your own area. There’s a guaranteed income of $5,000 a month for the first six months, and you’ll be shadowed by a sales person and instructor to help you  get established.’

And the support doesn’t stop there. ‘Our Customer Support Centre takes care of bookings, invoicing, credit control and certification processing, and has the expertise to advise customers about different equipment and licences they may need. It also manages licence renewals: some equipment requires operators to have regular training refreshers, and our system tracks when these are due. That helps our customers and generates repeat business for franchisees.

‘It all helps to take away the stress that can come with running your own business: instead you can live where you want, enjoy a lifestyle balance, and make a very good income while doing something that’s essential for the well-being of people and employers alike.’

Keeping it simple

Rochelle Gregory says there’s no shortage of demand for ASWEFA trainers. As marketing consultant for the franchise, she’s seen massive growth since 2013. ‘The company is a trusted name and is very pro-active, with year-round campaigns and a huge number of searches for our keywords online. The contacts are channelled seamlessly into the customer services process, so it really does leave franchisees free to get on with training.’

So where do all these customers come from? ‘We get enquiries from small companies and large corporates, as well as from individual operators and contractors who require the right training to be able to tender for work. Health & Safety compliance is vital these days, with massive fines possible for those who breach the regulations. And if an accident does happen, one of the first questions the investigators will ask is, “Has the operator been trained in the use of this machine?”

‘In too many cases, an operator has been poorly trained in the first place, or has slipped into bad habits over the years. Just because they have got through without an accident so far doesn’t mean they always will – and that’s why people call ASWEFA in to help.’

ASWEFA offers forklift licensing; wheels, tracks and rollers; dangerous goods; and elevated work platform courses. Training takes place in the workplace or at ASWEFA’s own facilities, with franchisees able to run courses to suit in their own area.

A business with heart

With two Auckland branches already established, ASWEFA is looking for franchisees with good people skills to open new centres and deliver training in city centres and other industrial areas around the country. Many existing clients operate national businesses so franchisees will find a ready demand wherever they go. The investment is around $70,000 +gst, with an additional $50,000 +gst required for training and certification, if needed. ‘If you already have all the necessary qualifications, you could get started from around $90,000 +gst,’  Treena suggests.

‘We will provide all the training, systems and support you need to get established in your own business in an essential and growing market – one that is backed by legislation. If you’re good at helping others understand, if you’ve helped others in your own workplace, and if  you want a business that gives you a sense of satisfaction every day, contact me.’

And ASWEFA has one more benefit to offer. ‘I really enjoy working with the team there,’ says Rochelle. ‘Treena has a real business mind and Henry is a star trainer of trainers. Above all, this is a business with heart; a family environment where they really care about customers, staff and community. It’s a wonderful franchise to be a part of.’  

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