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by Traffic

last updated 08/12/2019


by Traffic

last updated 08/12/2019

There are huge opportunities in renovations, landscaping and maintenance with these three franchises

Homeowners in New Zealand spend over 8 billion dollars a year on renovations. ‘This is one of the largest markets in the country, yet it is failing to deliver an acceptable experience to its customers,’ says Jon Bridge, one of the directors of Traffic – the leading business consulting specialist in the Australasian building industry.

‘Renovations are notorious for spiralling out of control,’ he continues. ‘Poor customer service and work standards, inaccurate pricing, budget and timeline blowouts and a general lack of accountability is unacceptable, given the amount of money people invest in their homes.

‘This presented a huge opportunity for us to create a renovation service delivering well run projects on time and within budget.’

A breakthrough  business opportunity

‘Over many years working with the leading corporates in the industry, we mapped the market, identified the failure points that were causing the bad outcomes for customers, and designed a franchise model from the top down specifically to address each issue,’ says Jon.

Fellow director Chris Caiger adds, ‘We very clearly understood what was needed, we resourced the business properly from the start and we invested in creating our own world-leading software system. All of this is crucial to underpin franchisees and enable them to build successful businesses.’

Based on years of market research and franchise experience, Traffic has developed three brands focussed on different segments of the market:

Refresh Renovations – residential renovations

Zones Landscaping – residential landscaping

Oncore – maintenance, repairs, decorating, installation

‘The proof of the pudding has been the global growth of the company since Refresh was launched in 2008,’ says Chris. ‘The company is now operating in NZ, Australia, the UK and USA with almost 100 franchised businesses in the group across the Refresh, Zones and Oncore brands.’

Strong support for your business

A key question for anyone buying a business is, ‘Will I get strong marketing and business support to help me grow and run my business?’

‘Definitely,’ says Chris. ‘Due to our sophisticated business consulting background, the group provides outstanding marketing, processes and IT systems. These include:

Marketing and lead generation – We have won multiple international and local awards for the marketing programmes we provide.

Business processes and IT systems – We have the scale to implement industry best practice IT, business management, CRM and project management systems.

Operational support – We actively support franchisees through our large head office staff and franchise network infrastructure.’

Make the most of your management skills

Owning a Refresh, Zones or Oncore franchise is an opportunity that requires management skills, rather than being an operator in the business.

As Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies reported, ‘Within such a large and fragmented market, there is opportunity for companies that are organised, differentiated, and focused on brand building to capture market share and build large-scale businesses… sales, marketing, management, and leadership skills are more critical as opposed to trade skills.’

‘That’s why we provide our franchisees with a serious level of both strategic and hands-on support,’ says Chris. ‘This level of resource is matched by few other franchise systems in New Zealand.’

You run the business, your team runs the projects

The business model is based on the same project management principles that the home building companies use. ‘As an owner your responsibility is to run the business and lead your team,’ Chris explains. ‘You employ a project manager who has the expertise required for the construction side of the business. Underpinning you and your team is a suite of sophisticated marketing, business and project management systems helping you build a successful business.

‘Most franchises require you to be always working in the business as an operator; with a Traffic Group franchise, you focus on running the business while your project manager focuses on running the building projects.

‘We have opportunities available all round New Zealand at a variety of investment levels – contact us or visit our website to find out more.’   

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