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last updated 30/03/2020

Moving Mountains

by Pack & Send

last updated 30/03/2020

Proven systems and guaranteed leads help Pack & Send franchisees race ahead

’September was just our fourth month since opening, yet we did  the business we budgeted for in month nine – you could say  it’s going well!’

Michael and Sharon Brough spent 20 years working overseas, so when they recently returned to New Zealand they wanted their own business – something where they could benefit from the result of their own efforts. ‘When Sharon spotted Pack & Send we thought it was worth investigating. The more we understood, the more we recognised the value of the market,’ says Michael.

Launched in New Zealand in 2008, Pack & Send specialises in sending Fragile, Large, Awkward or Valuable (FLAV) items both at home and overseas. Franchisees operate from retail premises, with a van enabling them to collect items from private or commercial customers such as online retailers and galleries or auction houses. The company also has a strong reputation in other freight categories requiring top quality service such as IT equipment.

Michael says, ‘We were very impressed with the franchise. Matthew Everest, the NZ franchisor, said, “Go and talk to our franchisees.” We did, and we found real people working hard and building successful businesses. Pack & Send aren’t competing for the three-dollars-across-town packages; the franchise provides the knowledge, systems, contacts and training to handle all those awkward jobs that nobody else can.’

A genuine joy

Sharon and Michael opened their Avondale outlet in June 2019. After years of being at the beck and call of corporate employers, they appreciated the appeal of normal office hours and five day a week routine, not to mention working together. ‘After long periods of separation, this is a genuine joy for us,’ says Sharon.

 Any new business requires energy and commitment from its owners, and the couple got stuck in straight away. ‘The location was good but pretty run-down, so we did the renovations ourselves. It was a mammoth job but it meant we could open promptly. We had a highly worthwhile two weeks’ training with Pack & Send New Zealand’s head office team in Christchurch, and after that it was all down to getting the word out.’ Pack & Send helps with that, too, with its award-winning marketing systems guaranteeing a certain level of leads in the first year to ensure a solid base of prospective customers.

The new Avondale Pack & Send has already transformed some interesting challenges into profitable business, as Michael explains. ‘For example, a very expensive, high-end racing engine required a re-build which could only take place in the USA. We were charged with getting it there and back. We achieved it, there was a four-figure fee, and the client was more than pleased. We’re now expecting a strong flow of business from that sector.’

Big business in a niche market

NZ franchisor Matthew Everest says the racing engine is par for the course for Pack & Send. ‘Many of our franchisees have extraordinary tales of peculiar items sent to exotic locations. Sharon and Michael have demonstrated great energy and commitment, and are proving time and again there is big business in a niche market.

‘The franchise backs their energy and commitment with innovative systems. A leading-edge software package called GMx processes consignments, sends business leads to each store and saves a lot  of time in costing. Our platform integrates with courier company  systems to ensure that pricing, trace and tracking and barcoding can be read commonly, so clients and franchisees have real-time information  on any item.

‘And our self-service system enables customers to book online and weigh, measure and pack their parcels from anywhere. We can collect, or customers can bring them into their local store. It’s ideal for individuals selling items online, for example, and provides a valuable additional passive income stream for franchisees.’

Pack & Send still has opportunities all over the country. ‘An investment of $210,000 +gst provides a turnkey operation including everything from finding your premises and training to systems, initial stock and fit-out,’ says Matthew.

‘Franchisees come from all walks of life, and the business suits couples or entrepreneurs with minimal staff. Contact me to find out more.’   

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