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Starting With A Bang

by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 08/12/2019

New V.I.P. franchisee earning executive-sized salary within a year

Stephen Wadek: 'I'm doing very well, earning well and enjoying the lifestyle'

Steven Waldek has built his V.I.P. gardening and lawn-mowing business so quickly that he’s already turning over close to six figures and is well on the way to replacing his executive income – all within his first year. ‘There are advantages to working for a big corporate, but there are plenty of restrictions, too, which is why I started my own business as a V.I.P. franchisee,’ he smiles.

Many things impressed me about V.I.P. It’s a well-known brand and a very professional franchise. John and Estelle Logan, the National Franchisors, had worked their way up through the system and are highly experienced. At their suggestion, I phoned many new and established franchisees and got all the information I could so I had a broad picture of what to expect. As a result, I knew I wasn’t going to be struggling to find clients or build a business – that’s what a franchise as good as V.I.P. is all about.’

Steven bought a franchise in Franklin South. ‘I cover a lot of lifestyle blocks and do a lot of gardening work for several loyal customers. I have a bigger trailer than many franchisees as I take a small tractor and slasher to a lot of jobs, and I have a few mowers to cope with the variety of work. Maintenance is crucial in a business like this – if you maintain your equipment it will look after you.’

Building a reputation

Steven says there’s no magic formula for building up a business, but he has put the V.I.P. systems to good use and also involved his family. ‘We set up a Facebook page which they monitor – that brings so much business I now employ my 22-year old son, Aaron, two or three days a week. My wife, Debbie does a lot of the admin work, too.

‘I’ve found the most important thing is to follow up on enquiries. Whether they come through V.I.P’s call centre (which also produces lots of new leads) or locally, I always attempt to call back and make an appointment within a couple of hours. People appreciate that, and if you make the effort to get hold of them, they are far more likely to accept your quote. V.I.P. is not the cheapest, but we have a great reputation for very good reasons – good customer service is number one.’

In common with many other V.I.P. franchisees, Steven’s only regret is not buying his franchise a few years earlier,’ he says. ‘I’m doing very well, earning well, enjoying the lifestyle and the business is growing all the time. I have actually sold some work back to V.I.P. for other franchisees to manage already, and I’ll probably sell more soon.’ The alternative is to become a multi-franchise owner or take on an employee and build an even-larger business, as other franchisees have done.

Reaping the rewards

John and Estelle Logan say they are not surprised by the success Steven has enjoyed. ‘Steven wanted to reap the rewards of his own efforts rather than selling himself to an employer, and this franchise enables you to do just that. In less than a year, he is reaping the rewards and demonstrating once again that V.I.P. offers opportunities to earn an executive-sized income. Some of our full-time franchisees are earning well over $2,500 per week!’

V.I.P’s Outdoor franchises, like Steven’s, suit people who are eager to get out into the sunshine and are interested in landscaping, lawnmowing, groundskeeping, pruning, maintenance, hedge trimming and more, says Estelle.

‘For the Indoor opportunity, we’re on the hunt for local people with a keen interest in all aspects of home care and cleaning, both residential and commercial.  

‘Both opportunities suit people from all sorts of backgrounds from corporate escapees to those seeking to build a new life for themselves and their families,’ Estelle explains. ‘Some of our franchisees have bought their first-ever homes thanks to the financial security their franchise has provided.’

A comfortable level of investment

Steven suggests that if you want to find out more about a business that combines a healthy business with a healthy lifestyle, ‘Give Estelle and John a call, speak to other franchisees, and even go out with them for a day or two. That way you can ask all the questions you need to be convinced – this really is a great business to be in!’

Estelle says. ‘V.I.P. has franchise opportunities available for sale in your area right now, with a varied range of investment which enables you to start at a comfortable level. We provide full training not just to help you carry out your work efficiently to professional standards, but to help you set up and manage your own business. There is even a paid training period to tide you over those first few weeks as you learn the skills you need.

‘We really do care about our franchisees because your success is our success. Contact us today and we’ll tell you more about how you can build a rewarding business like Steven’s.’

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