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Kiwi Beverages has just a few key areas left for top salespeople

Clare Findlay, Kiwi Beverages franchisee support manager

Kiwi Beverages has grown so fast that in less than a year it has appointed a full-time franchisee support manager. Clare Findlay knows sales inside out. ‘My most recent job was two years selling for one of the biggest beverage companies in the country and I know it can be lonely out there, but Kiwi Beverages franchisees are never alone. My job is to look after all our key accounts and support all our current and future franchisees. We’ve had massive sales already and our aim is to make all the systems as smooth as possible.’

Kiwi Beverages specialises in the non-alcoholic drinks market, which is currently worth around $1.2 billion in New Zealand. ‘Our franchisees distribute a unique range of locally-produced no-sugar and low-sugar drinks including water, carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks,’ says Clare. ‘The growth this year has been enormous; retailers love the fact that our 64 product lines are all New Zealand owned and made. And we still have a few opportunities available for sales-driven franchisees who can find outlets and service them.’

Success is no surprise to company founder David Thexton, who has market knowledge second-to-none. He created Rio Beverages, which  had almost $100 million in sales before being sold to Coca-Cola in 2002, and then founded an international consultancy firm which grew to over 150 franchisees.

Connecting with retailers

Since Clare joined the company, she has been impressed by the quality of the franchisees already out in the field. ‘They have a great attitude for wanting to do well and grow their own businesses, and Kiwi Beverages is enabling that by offering something different. We’re a local company, not a multi-national, and we’re concerned about the health of the nation and helping people have better options. I think our retailers are connecting with that – hence our impressive sales figures.

‘I spend a lot of time teaching our franchisees about our products and marketplace, and more time training them in sales techniques and relationship building. We do a weekly webinar, and I’m spending a day a week in each territory with everyone encouraging them to maximise efficient time and territory management. It really is about being in business for yourself – but not by yourself.’

Make over half a million

Investment levels for a Kiwi Beverages franchise territory range from $40,000 to $105,000. ‘As our franchisees are finding, the potential returns are considerable and a top performer could make $600-700,000 per annum once they have fully developed their area,’ says David.

‘We still have opportunities in Auckland Central, Auckland North Shore, Auckland West, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, Canterbury North, Canterbury South and Southland. After those have been awarded, the opportunity’s gone, so if you’re confident of your selling abilities give me a call now!’   

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