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Enjoy constant demand and recurring income with Appliance Tagging Services

Two years ago, Rob Thatcher was negotiating for a senior position within a company when he decided that he’d have a better future as an Appliance Tagging Services franchisee. ‘As my wife says, I made the right decision – the other company went broke, whereas I’ve got my own business and am very busy with new work and repeat visits.’

After a lifetime as a project manager and superintendent within the electrical industry in Western Australia, Rob’s transition from employee to business owner could hardly have been smoother. ‘I had been discussing ATS for a while as I could see the growing need for testing and tagging services as the regulations changed. I have a good friend who had already made the jump into ATS so I quizzed him and there was nothing that put me off.

‘I’ve been an electrical engineer most of my life, but I hadn’t run my own business, so a franchise made sense. The ATS training was excellent and the support, systems, software and auditing are all absolutely what a great franchise should be. My only concern was how much work I would get, but I needn’t have worried. You need to put your salesman’s hat on to build things in your patch at first, but every company needs test and tagging services these days so once you are in the door you just need to learn your client’s business and exactly what they want.

‘In addition, ATS has major contracts with government departments and corporates, so that generates more work too. Best of all, it’s almost all repeat business so you’re building recurring income all the time.’

Making it simple

Appliance Tagging Services was founded in 2006 by husband and wife team Sarah and Ainslie Allen and is now the leading provider of tagging services in Australia, with over 15,000 clients. The company has developed automated processes and systems which help both clients and franchisees stay on top of their safety regimes.

‘From the clients’ perspective, they have 24/7 access to all data,’ says Sarah. ‘After the initial testing and tagging is done, clients can access their online portal in which all the information is stored. Via a barcode they can see the history of every appliance they own and when it’s due for re-testing, which is automatically scheduled for our franchisees. It is probably the best such facility in the industry.

‘From the franchisees’ point of view, all they have to do is sell their services and do the work. All invoicing and credit control is handled by the franchisor, with franchisees receiving guaranteed payment every month. It’s efficient and it leaves them to focus on managing the business without the wasted time and stress of unnecessary admin.

‘And despite Rob’s background, as other franchisees have proved  you don’t actually need to have electrical qualifications to be an Appliance Tagging Services franchisee – a two-week intensive training course in Melbourne will equip you with everything you need to  operate successfully.’

Incentives available

Rob is now a busy man. ‘The work becomes cyclical, because all equipment needs testing regularly. I do a regular two-week round trip visiting existing clients and new contacts to grow my business. The variety is interesting and stimulating: in the morning I might be on an industrial site and in the afternoon a retail store, so there are always different people to talk to and new things to learn.’ And, as he points out, no matter what the economy is doing, Health & Safety legislation means that constant demand is assured.

That’s the same in New Zealand, as ATS establishes its first franchisees this side of the Tasman. The investment required is $72,500 +gst, including all equipment and training, and Steve Wren, the company’s National Sales Manager, says that there are funding options and incentives available for the first franchisees. ‘The most important thing is to get the right people in place right now.

‘We want people with attention to detail, an interest in keeping people safe and a desire to grow their own business.  Give me a call and let’s  start talking.’   

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