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Growth is the focus for Just Cuts in New Zealand

Why did we choose Just Cuts? It’s the largest and most successful hairdressing group in the Southern Hemisphere, it has huge brand awareness and respect, amazing franchisee support and more. Clients appreciate that there are no appointments and set prices, and our  own-brand products are free of parabens, which have been linked to increased risk of breast cancer, so why wouldn’t you choose Just Cuts?’ asks Angela Turner.

Angela and her husband Michael opened Just Cuts in The Hub Hornby in July 2016. She says that she regularly tells potential franchisees of these benefits, adding that ‘Our expectations for the business were to grow year-on-year; however, in just three years we have more than tripled our turnover, allowing for a great work/life balance. I might also mention that, regardless of the economy, hair keeps growing and needing cutting,’  smiles Angela.

Just Cuts has 230 salons across Australia and New Zealand, 3,500 stylists, 100,000 customers per week. Following its recent expansion into the UK, there’s now reinvigorated focus on New Zealand with new opportunities in many parts of the country. Investment is from $170,000 to $270,000, and you don’t need to be a hairdresser – although Angela’s husband Michael has worked in the industry for over 40 years, she herself has a background in marketing, theatre, administration and bespoke catering.

We’d never considered it

For many years, Angela and Michael ran a full service hairdressing salon in Perth. They sold their business in 2012, relocating to Christchurch to be closer to daughter Tiffany and their grandchildren, and Michael started working at Just Cuts in Riccarton.

‘We were very aware of the brand, but we’d never considered the concept of a drop in, fixed price salon offering cutting and styling only.  That experience changed our minds, we opened our own store, and  the rest is history!’

While you don’t need a hairdressing background, you do need management experience, say Angela and Michael, who have been Just Cuts New Zealand’s Franchisees of the Year for two years in succession. ‘You also need to have the right attitude and commitment to Just Cuts franchise systems. They’re proven, they’re profitable and they work, so don’t go reinventing the wheel.’

Realise your future

Just Cuts CEO Amber Manning values Angela’s brand ambassador skills and enthusiasm, and says that there are now opportunities for new franchisees to copy her path to success.

‘In 2017 we bought back the New Zealand master franchise and revitalised the current 26 Just Cuts salons, and over the next two years we plan to open 20 new franchisee-owned salons,’ Amber says.

‘That means a wonderful opportunity to create your own hands-on business, husband-and-wife business, or even a business you could run alongside another career. If that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch – Just Cuts could be just the answer to realising your future.’    

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