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last updated 30/03/2020

Looking For Young Guns

by InXpress

last updated 30/03/2020

InXpress is an opportunity for young people who can make things happen

The rise of online trading in recent years presents huge opportunities for local small-to-medium-sized companies, but it also presents some headaches. Producing a great product is one thing – getting it to customers all over the world is another.

‘That’s where InXpress comes in,’ explains David Wilkinson, the company’s Franchise Sales Director. ‘Founded in the UK in 1999, InXpress handles logistics for SMEs to save them time, money and hassle, using innovative technology to make it easy for companies to send packages anywhere in the world.

‘Now we’re looking for bright young people to join our New Zealand team. They don’t need to be highly-experienced sales people or have a logistics background, but they do need to be able to talk to business owners and managers and make things happen.

‘InXpress has over 370 franchisees around the world seeking out new clients, identifying their issues and suggesting solutions. They are responsible for customer acquisition, and our technology means they can benefit from recurring income.

‘Once the franchisee has set up a new account, the customer just needs to log into our WebShip+ booking system to arrange everything from single shipments to multiple orders on an easy-to-use platform. The courier company collects the parcels and arranges customs clearance. They invoice us, we invoice the client and collect the money then split it, with 70 percent going to the franchisee.’

So why would a client use InXpress rather than dealing direct with a courier? ‘For a start, we have a lot of buying power and can usually save clients money on shipping costs. Secondly, we focus on smaller customers who aren’t going to get a lot of attention from the big courier companies. Thirdly, our technology is so easy to use. And finally, they are dealing with their dedicated account manager, so if there are any issues then they can just call their InXpress Freight Consultant  – the franchisee.’

Low cost opportunity

You don’t need a lot of experience or capital to start your own InXpress franchise. The investment is just $29,900 +gst, with what David calls ‘ridiculously low’ overheads. ‘There’s no special equipment, inventory or staff – you just need a laptop, phone and transport.

 ‘We will provide two weeks of bootcamp-style training in Brisbane before you start, then intensive training as you grow throughout your first year and beyond. And with the recurring income model, the longer you’ve been in the business, the better you’ll do. Is $20,000 income per month possible? Absolutely – although not in the first 12 months,’ David smiles.

‘If you’re dying to create something of your own and prepared to put in the effort, this is a great opportunity. Call us to find out how to build a profitable business with InXpress.’   

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