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A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is for people looking for a new career in a growing industry

If you’re looking to change careers and want a business where you can help people make informed decisions, John Goodrum of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections wants to hear from you.

‘Our franchisees come from all sorts of backgrounds: IT, accounting, engineering, marketing, even a pharmacist, as well as construction. You certainly don’t need to be a builder – that’s a totally different skill set. Our franchisees receive comprehensive training and have the specialist equipment to check power outlets, moisture levels and all matters related to dwellings. We are specialists who know what to look for and identify issues – builders, plumbers and electricians are the people to fix them.’

The need for standards

House inspection is a fast-growing market in New Zealand, which means opportunities for new franchisees in main cities and larger towns throughout the country. ‘A rigorous home inspection is of huge value to both sellers and purchasers,’ says John. ‘Having a proper inspection can help to facilitate a faster sale of the property for a better price; it provides a purchaser with an unbiased third-party opinion of the condition of their possible purchase; and it helps to prevent agreements falling through.

‘It will also highlight any potential problems and protect sellers from over-inflated estimates of essential repair work, while alleviating much of the stress about nasty surprises after purchase.

‘However, all these benefits only apply when the inspection is properly carried out – and there’s no legal requirement for building inspectors in NZ to be qualified as such,’ John points out. ‘That’s where A Buyer’s Choice comes in.’

Comprehensive training

Originating in Canada, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections now operates in 19 countries. It came to New Zealand in 2013 and now has 17 franchisees here, with demand for many more. ‘Being part of an international franchise means that each of our inspectors has to go through dedicated online training which leads to a qualification from an independent training body,’ John explains.

‘After passing this course, there’s a full week of in-house training then on-the-job experience with a qualified inspector. As a result, our franchisees are able to issue a NZ Standards certificate after every inspection to NZS4306:2005 (Residential Property Inspection).’

As much work as I want

Duane Turner was the second franchisee for A Buyer’s Choice in New Zealand, and has run his West Auckland franchise for six years now. ‘Having been self-employed for most of my working life, it has been very nice to have all the systems and processes set out for you rather than being alone and having to do it all yourself. The company has been very supportive and I’ve been heavily involved in training new franchisees myself, so I like to think I’ve given something back as a result.

‘Building up the business initially takes a bit of leg work – going round the real estate agents and becoming well-known in the area. Local knowledge is valuable, and what with Adwords, our 0800 number and word-of-mouth I can get as much work as I want. I have a great business and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a change.’

Low investment, high potential

John says, ‘A Buyers Choice Home Inspections franchise is a work-from-home opportunity which offers you the chance to change careers, own your own business and become your own boss without re-inventing the wheel. Territories are available from $32,500-$65,000 +gst.

‘Although it’s a very affordable investment, that doesn’t mean low returns. For the right people who are willing to put in the effort, earnings of between $100,000 and $200,000 are perfectly realistic once established. This is a chance to fulfil your dreams of self-employment, job security and financial gain without the high risk and uncertainty of going it alone.’  

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