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by The Seasons Art Class

last updated 08/12/2019

Working One Day A Week

by The Seasons Art Class

last updated 08/12/2019

Want a part-time business with a full-time income? Seasons could be what you’re looking for

Working only one day per week to make a profit of over $45,000 a year might sound too good to be true, but David Craggs says that’s exactly what you can achieve with Seasons Art Class. ‘For some people, this could be a stand-alone business; for others, a perfect second income offering a substantial earnings boost for your family,’ suggests the Master Franchisor for Seasons in New Zealand and Australia. ‘And, best of all, you’re helping other people have fun!’

New franchisee Martin Hook agrees. ‘We’ve seen fabulous results already. Many of our first programme participants have formed a group that meets socially, and at least ten have already signed up for the second series. We asked some of them for quotes for the Lifestyle Expo we attended and perhaps the best was: “Seasons has changed my life – I’ve always wanted to do art and now you’ve given me a way of doing it!”’

Up and running in New Zealand

Seasons Art Class has been a proven franchise in the UK for over 10 years, where there are now over 150 branches. It’s a step-by-step art class with a well-proven curriculum and qualified tutors that provides a place for students to discover themselves, learn techniques in a range of media and develop their skills in a sociable, relaxed setting that enables students to discover skills they didn’t think possible. Operating via a series of 14-week programmes, the franchise has expanded to Europe and North America and launched in New Zealand in April 2019.

‘We’ve hit the ground running here,’ says David. ‘We already have franchisees in St Heliers, Ellerslie, Mt Eden, Takapuna, East Coast Bays, Ponsonby, Howick, Orewa, Napier, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Taupo, many of whom are now running their second 14-week course programme with over 90 percent of slots filled.

‘Franchisees are only required to visit a teaching venue once a week to oversee a three-hour lesson, handle the admin, the organisation and lay on refreshments. All lessons are taught by experienced tutors sourced for you by Seasons: we supply comprehensive curricula four times per year; provide all the marketing material and guidelines; and look after everything from stock, advertising and recruitment to venue and training.

‘Most of our franchisees have other businesses or occupations but this is an easy business to operate part-time if you are well-organised and enjoy people – there’s a very high level of student engagement and enjoyment which is deeply satisfying for all parties. Students are mostly professional adults and retirees. The figures alone show the demand, and there is a very fast return from a low initial investment.’

People keep  coming back

In New Plymouth, Martin is the CEO of a rest home while his wife Sonia is a food scientist. ‘We’ve always been keen on the idea of a business separate to our work,’ Martin explains. ‘I looked at various options over the years but cutting keys or cleaning gutters simply never appealed. Seasons Art Class has allowed us to run a profitable business together, which brings a great deal of pleasure to participants and organisers alike. We love it, and the enthusiasm is infectious.

 ‘Our first course is just coming to an end, and it has been a real journey – far beyond just an art class. Our participants have now formed their own group and are meeting for coffee and art discussions regularly – that has been an unexpected but wonderful result. More than half have already signed up for the second curriculum, and experience from the UK has shown many come back seven or eight times. This is part of the beauty of the system: because the curriculum changes every three months, with the right numbers you can make back your investment inside a year.’

Unlocking the joy

In Takapuna, Blanka Ros and Jeremy have also nearly completed their first series of classes. ‘We recently returned from 18 months in India where Jeremy was setting up a large IT team and I was not working for a change,’ says Blanka. ‘Having spent many years in the marketing departments of NZ corporates, I was wanting to do something very different when I returned. We’ve found Seasons Art Class to be wonderful vocational therapy.

‘What I’ve really enjoyed is the people who come to class having never done anything before. We offer three un-stressful hours in class with like-minded beginners, with the added bonus of companionship and socialising. They don’t know how to start, yet within a short time they have created a piece of art. They imagine they are going to struggle, yet you can see them change their attitude as they view others’ work and realise they may be quite good after all. It’s very powerful, and you see them forming friendships very quickly too.

‘This has been a great way to learn how to run a business. It is only part-time, but it has already proven profitable and we’ve unlocked joy for a lot of people.’

David ends, ‘For a part-time business that only takes up one day a week, we think an achievable profit of $45,000  or more is an excellent  reward. Call me and find out more about opportunities in your area.’

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