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last updated 30/03/2020

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last updated 30/03/2020

ASWEFA wants franchisees  nationwide to build their own business and train equipment operators

When Shortland Street held an open day recently, it attracted so many fans of the home-grown hospital drama that the queues waited up to two hours for a tour of the studios. But where there are people there are opportunities, and in the franchise carpark on the same street, the team at ASWEFA were on to it. They ran a sausage sizzle for charity, raised over $630 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand and made the general public aware of their location.

It’s this combination of foresight, organisation and generosity that typifies ASWEFA. Founded 18 years ago by Henry and Treena Myers, ASWEFA (A Safe Working Environment For All) provides a range of worksite training courses to companies and individuals, offering forklift licensing; wheels, tracks and rollers; dangerous goods; and elevated work platform courses. Training takes place in the workplace, at ASWEFA’s own facilities, or online for some options.

Now, with two Auckland branches already established, they are looking for franchisees with good people skills to open new centres and deliver training around the country.

‘It’s an ideal opportunity for people who have seen the dangers that exist in the workplace and are ready to get off the tools or away from a desk and train others how to do things properly,’ says Natasha McDowall. ‘This is a people business – it’s all about helping equipment operators get home safely to the ones they love.’

Increase your earnings

Natasha’s own business, Tael Solutions, has been ASWEFA’s accountant for many years, so she has seen the company grow. ‘I’ve worked with a number of other franchises in the building, hospitality and home services sectors, so I speak from experience when I say that many franchises don’t have the in-depth systems and processes in place that ASWEFA has developed. They brought in award-winning specialists to develop the franchise and I did a lot of work testing the structures and the forecasting to ensure that the business model was sound.

‘Right throughout the process, Treena and Henry were focused on ensuring that franchisees could make a really good income. In some franchises, all the fees can really add up, but with ASWEFA, someone coming from an industry background at factory-floor level or middle-management level can increase their earnings significantly.

‘Treena is a phenomenal business woman and Henry will help anybody. It’s a combination that franchisees will really benefit from.’

More clients, less admin

ASWEFA’s training programme for new franchisees starts with a three-month national certificate in adult education as per ITO regulations. ‘We will support you through the qualification, and then give you our programme and systems training while waiting for ITO moderation,’ says Treena. ‘That way, as soon as you’re qualified, you’re ready to go!’

But you aren’t left to sink or swim on your own. ‘I know from working with various clients that a big challenge for any business is having the time both to get new clients and run their business,’ says Natasha. ‘ASWEFA operates its own Customer Support Centre which takes care of bookings, payments and certification processing, and has the expertise to advise customers about different equipment and licences they may need. Lots of their existing clients have other locations too, so when a new franchisee opens up in, say, Christchurch, they’ll find customers ready and waiting.’

Another time and hassle-saver for new franchisees is that much of the accounting is handled for them, too. ‘Invoices to clients are sent out direct from the Support Centre, so franchisees don’t have to do that on top of the training work that makes them money,’ says Natasha. ‘It means lower accounting expenses and less admin for them. Credit control is also handled for them, and most charges are paid by clients prior to training.’

Your perfect opportunity

Treena says ASWEFA is ready to appoint franchisees throughout the country in city centres and other industrial areas. Each territory costs $70,000 +gst, with an additional $50,000 +gst required for training and certification, if needed. ‘If you already have all the necessary qualifications, you could get started from around $80,000 +gst,’ Treena suggests.

‘Our confidence in franchisee success is shown by the fact that we offer a $5,000 per month guaranteed income for the first six month after a new franchise is established. ASWEFA also assign a sales person and instructor to shadow the franchisee in their region initially. helping to kickstart sales. This approach to relieving pressure during the learning process is another example of the way ASWEFA thinks about how best to support our franchisees.

‘Workplace training is a big market that is increasingly backed by legislation. ASWEFA has excellent systems developed over almost two decades, and a reputation with clients that is second-to-none. If you have the people skills and the background we’re looking for, you can be part of that and develop your own business  in your local area. Contact us and  find out more – it could be your perfect opportunity.’   

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