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by Kelly Sports

last updated 30/03/2020

Giving Kids A Sporting Chance

by Kelly Sports

last updated 30/03/2020

Kelly Sports provides business skills for people passionate about teaching

‘My parents and grandparents both ran their own businesses and I always wanted to be self-employed, but somehow I got sucked into management and working for other people‘, says Tamati Montgomery.

‘After several years in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, I started looking but everything I researched was beyond my means. After realising that franchising offered a far safer passage into business, I began to concentrate my efforts there and that was when I found the right opportunity which also involved my other passion – sport!’

Kelly Sports franchisees provide in-school and after-school sports programmes. Founded in Australia in 1994, the company has 40 franchisees at hundreds of schools around New Zealand teaching children fundamental skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. ‘Our slogan is Giving kids a sporting chance,’ says managing director Paul Jamieson.

‘Kelly Sports can be a vital part in giving children confidence which can really set them up for life. Far too many kids just haven’t had those basic opportunities, and Kelly Sports is making a fundamental difference to children wherever we have programmes. Franchisees market and manage the programmes, as well as running them initially, but as the business grows they can employ as many coaches as needed.’

Fantastic experience

Tamati instantly saw the appeal of the franchise. ‘I was already involved in coaching sports to children, and it was a relatively low cost, so I decided it was the one for me. I also saw it as an opportunity to learn about business from the bottom up.

‘I had no experience in sales or marketing as I’d only been in operations, and I didn’t know anything about tax or GST either, so it was a bit scary. But there is a strong culture within Kelly Sports of looking after franchisees, so my fears were quickly set aside. Kelly Sports uses an online accounting system which makes invoicing, tracking and payroll very simple, and there’s full training and support with sales training videos tailored to our business.

‘Every business has its challenges, but I got involved with a franchise to help push me through those, and Kelly Sports’ support structure certainly delivered on that. The experience I have had has been fantastic – I bought a greenfields area with no programmes in South Auckland in 2015, and within three-and-a-half years I had built it up from scratch to a profitable and successful business. Seeing kids laughing, happy and active is something that really motivates me and it’s a big bonus to feel that your business is doing something really good for others.’

Earlier this year, Tamati took that a stage further when he sold his business in order to join Kelly Sports in a support role for other franchisees. ‘I felt that the opportunity to learn about another side of the business was too good to miss, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my new role aiding other people in their business journey – as well as helping to grow a fantastic brand.’

Solid opportunity

Kelly Sports is looking for more people like Tamati to run programmes in most parts of the country. ‘The investment starts from $35,000, and with two income streams from both schools and parents, annual returns can climb into six figures,’ says Paul. ‘All you need is the enthusiasm for sport that Tamati has, plus an ability to organise events.’

Tamati explains, ‘You need to be a people person to run a Kelly Sports franchise successfully – and, of course, you need to love working with kids. You also need to be able to get on with teachers and parents, so leadership, patience and tact are important. And, while you’ll be very hands-on at first, as your business expands you’ll be managing staff and recruiting extra coaches from among talented sporting students.  It’s very rewarding and having a strong sense of purpose will be your driving force.’

Paul Jamieson sums up, ‘With 25 years’ experience behind us, Kelly Sports is a very solid business opportunity. As Tamati found, if you have the passion and drive, we can teach you how to create a successful business and will work hard to assist you every step of the way. This  is a franchise that will give you enormous satisfaction in the work  that you do.

‘If you want a great work/life balance and a vocation that will leave most of your weekends free, then Kelly Sports could be for you. I’m happy to put you in touch with our franchisees so you can talk to the people who are out there doing it. Start by visiting our website, or ring us for an  informal chat.’   

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