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by Clik Tile

last updated 30/03/2020

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by Clik Tile

last updated 30/03/2020

Clik Tile System is a proven building product looking for a NZ distributor

Clik Tile System is an opportunity to take a proven building product with a great reputation in Australia and introduce it to New Zealand. It will mean wholesaling it into specialist retailers and chains throughout the country, managing supplies and eventually developing local production.

‘This is not a franchise – it’s a big opportunity for a real entrepreneur who wants to take something new and run with it,’ says Kosta Papadatos, the founder of Clik Tile System.

Kosta used his 18 years’ experience as a tiler to create a levelling system that ensures that tiles are perfectly flush with even grout lines and produces outstanding results for professionals and DIYers alike. ‘I wasn’t happy with the quality of other systems, so I set out to develop my own. After numerous trials, research and development, we created a product that has several patented advantages over the others and needs no specialist tools. It not only produces better and more consistent results; it’s also quicker, cheaper and cleaner to use.’

Launched in Australia over three years ago, Clik Tile System quickly proved its popularity with tilers and retailers alike. ‘Our initial trials went so well that Beaumont Tiles, which has 110 retail stores around the country, actually approached me before I could contact them,’ says Kosta. ‘They’ve had great success with it.’

Beaumont Tiles managers agree. Michael Lee of Mackay and Airlie Beach comments, ‘Clik Tile System has totally dominated the market in our area. Tilers claim it’s the best they have tried and will use nothing else. Clik Tile System is a very cost-effective option whilst still making a great gross profit percentage. We highly recommend this product.’

Kosta expects Clik Tile System to achieve similar success in New Zealand. ‘I put my heart and soul into developing the business, and it means a big opportunity for someone who is willing to do the same to grow their own company here.

‘That could be an individual entrepreneur or organisation with building/construction industry experience, and the ability to go out and talk to retailers and chains to sell in the product. Sample packs make it easy for stockists to convert tilers, who soon realise how good this system is.’

Initially, Kosta says a New Zealand licensee could start small with product being supplied from Australia, but ultimately he would like to see it manufactured locally. ‘It means the investment would be in two stages as you grow,’ he points out. ‘But if someone wants to take on the full package with the rights and moulds for New Zealand right from the start, we’d be happy to talk to them. We’re keen to find the right people to work with, so there are plenty of options available with different initial funding levels. Contact me and let’s start talking.’

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