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NumberWorks’nWords after-school tutoring is a rewarding opportunity

Eleven years after opening her West Auckland tutoring centre, Alison England remains so enthusiastic about the life-changing contribution NumberWorks’nWords can make to a child’s education that she’s currently looking at opening a second.

NumberWorks’nWords was founded in New Zealand in 1984 and has since expanded to Australia, England and Singapore. Today, it’s part of Crimson Education, which has attracted the involvement of eminent educationalists such as former Auckland Grammar Principal, John Morris. Franchised centres collectively deliver more than 120,000 maths and English lessons every term.

Back in 2008, Alison was a long-time primary school teacher increasingly frustrated at the lack of resources. She also recalls feeling bogged down with bureaucracy, which led to her taking a break from teaching and taking up an administrative position at the head office of NumberWorks’nWords. ‘As it turned out, that was like doing 12 months’ due diligence,’ she laughs. ‘Initially I found franchising a totally foreign concept, but once I understood it, I loved it – and still do.

‘What impressed me then, and does to this day, is the genuine passion everyone on the franchisor team and the franchisees have about children and their parents,’ says this dynamic and inspirational grandmother. ‘I started my own centre with the help of my husband, and these days I job-share with my daughter Chelsea. Now we’re considering opening another NumberWorks’nWords together to meet demand in West Auckland.’

You don’t need a teaching background

Alison’s West Auckland centre is already the country’s largest NumberWorks’nWords centre, with 25 tutoring staff and close to 400 pupils between the ages of 5 and 16. Tutoring hours are from 4 until 7pm, but Alison starts work most days at 10.30 in the morning reviewing each child’s progress and fine-tuning their individualised tutorials. While Alison is a qualified teacher at the centre, she says that it’s not necessary for franchisees to have a teaching background.

‘NumberWorks’nWords programmes are aligned to the New Zealand curriculum, and are highly prescriptive and easy to follow,’ explains Alison. ‘What’s necessary for a franchisee is that you have empathy with children and a genuine interest in the value of education. The actual teaching is done by our tutors, who are generally academically-strong university students who also relate well to children.

‘I can’t speak highly enough of this strategy. Children being children, they really look up to their tutors who are seen as good role models. I’d say most children come to our centre happy, smiling and looking forward to their one hour, one-on-one session with their tutor. More than a few of our tutors take a gap year after finishing their degrees to teach at our centre, which I feel speaks volumes about NumberWorks’nWords.’

Helping parents

Alison says that, like many NumberWorks’nWords centres, her West Auckland location attracts a wide mix of pupils. ‘The common denominator is that they have parents who want the best educational outcome for their children. Around half of the children at our centre are struggling at school while the other half are kids whose parents know that extension learning will help them do better.

‘Individualised tuition can make a massive difference so to help make it affordable to everyone we offer a payment plan. For anyone with a passion to make a life-changing contribution to a child’s education, I encourage them to seriously consider NumberWorks’nWords.’

Make your move

Sarah Simons of NumberWorks’nWords says, ‘Growing demand means that we have opportunities for new franchisees right now, with exclusive territories available throughout the country. The $80,000 franchise investment covers furniture, fitting and computers, as well as full training in everything from business management and the programmes themselves to software, tutor recruitment assistance and opening marketing.

‘We’ll then support you as you build your business and turn it into a full-time income. The earning potential is considerable – well into six figures. Few opportunities are so highly rewarding, not just financially but personally. Call us now to find out more.’   

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