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Pukeko Rental Managers enables franchisees to build ongoing businesses

Last week, Anna Lovett got locked in a bedroom and had to climb out through the window. She laughs, ‘There was nothing sinister about it – just faulty fittings – but it always pays to be prepared when you are managing other people’s property. That’s why I always carry a tool kit, WD40 and a spare smoke alarm in my car.’

It’s that ‘can-do’ approach that not only typifies the 25 franchisees who make up Pukeko Rental Managers – it also typifies the brand, which has just been named the Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year in a historic first-time win.

Pukeko Rental Managers was started in 2010 by David Pearse. David had been closely involved with real estate management for many years and become frustrated by traditional office-based, multi-tier management structures. ‘The end result is an increasing level of overheads resulting in each manager having to look after more and more properties. This results in overworked, frequently inexperienced staff looking after owners’ valuable investments, and effectively makes good property management nearly impossible.

‘I therefore founded Pukeko Rental Managers as a business model that would serve future franchisees by combining intelligent and well-supported systems with mobile owner-operators. This permits small portfolios for each rental manager, and the ability to offer the highest quality property management service while still being competitively priced.

‘My aim was always to be the best, rather than the biggest!’ After nine years of continual development and improvement, David’s proved his point with the winning of the coveted Supreme Award.

Why work for someone else?

Anna had spent several years in sales, hospitality and hotel management, before having children. When the time came to get back in the workforce, she decided there was no point working for someone else for the next 30 years – she wanted to create something really good of her own. ‘I began a search for something that fitted my interests and did due diligence on many businesses, from shops to wholesale to online stores.

‘It helped slightly that I had already purchased and renovated an investment property in Gisborne, so when one evening I was reading Franchise New Zealand magazine and found Pukeko Rental Managers I declared, “This is it!” If you don’t jump now, when are you going to jump?’

Growing reputation

Anna started her business from scratch two-and-a-half years ago, but certainly did not jump into a favourable market. ‘Gisborne has a huge influx of people at present and everyone is buying, landlords are cashing in and there is very little replacement housing being built. Nevertheless, because I represent quality through Pukeko, my reputation has grown alongside my portfolio. I now manage over thirty properties and all that has been done through word-of-mouth, being accountable, trustworthy and putting in the hard yards.

‘As promised, my overheads are low – basically a home office and a car. The computer system makes it very easy to keep track of the entire portfolio and to build a successful and profitable business. Before I started, I had to do a psychometric test to ensure I was suited to the role, then there was full training in both sales and operational processes. All franchisees also do continuous personal development so that we’re constantly at our best.

‘David is a fantastic franchisor and support is always there – it really couldn’t be better, and although I’m very proud we won the Supreme Award I’m not too surprised. What I’ve bought into is absolutely up to my expectations and I’d do it again without hesitation. If you have the right kind of skills for this business, then it is very rewarding, it’s very profitable and I’m steadily building an asset for my future.’

Pukeko Property Rental franchises are available from $12,500 +gst. ‘We have areas available around the country right now, so give me a call if you are interested in joining us,’ says David.   

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