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last updated 08/12/2019

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last updated 08/12/2019

ASWEFA franchisees provide workplace training to keep equipment operators safe

Health and safety is not only a legal requirement in all workplaces – it makes a real difference to the lives of employees and their families. That’s why Henry and Treena Myers started ASWEFA 18 years ago, drawing on their own experience to equip heavy machinery operators with the skills to reduce the potential for accidents.

ASWEFA (A Safe Working Environment For All) provides a range of worksite training courses to companies and individuals, offering forklift licensing; wheels, tracks and rollers; dangerous goods; and elevated work platform courses. Training takes place in the workplace, at ASWEFA’s own facilities, or online for some options.

To meet nationwide demand, they’ve now consolidated those years of business and industry experience into a professionally-developed franchise model. They are looking for franchisees with experience in industry and good people skills who want to own their own business and help companies throughout New Zealand stay safe.

Henry explains, ‘Workplace safety isn’t about doing the bare minimum. A lot of industry accidents can be traced back to instructors who just wanted to get a tick in the box, so we do the job properly to get operators up to speed. It’s not about a fail or a pass, it’s about building competence and getting everyone home safely. That means this is an exciting field to work in. Comprehensive training is one of the best investments a company can make in its staff, and we encourage everyone we work with to see it that way.

‘Every individual machine is different. By providing on-site training on the same equipment that operators use every day, ASWEFA instructors upskill their customers to the highest level. The theory is important, but it’s no use if you can’t apply it. A lot of our customers are more comfortable in their own environment than a classroom so they’re more open to learning.’

Work ready to go

Staying on top of an industry where legislation and technology constantly change keeps the job fresh and exciting for Henry, as well as ensuring ongoing demand for ASWEFA trainers. ‘I just really love the work – no two days are the same.

‘I’m the kind of person who likes to read the owners’ manuals and learn the capabilities of each machine,’ Henry laughs. ‘It’s given us the ability to provide a better service, judging whether or not companies even have the right equipment for the job as well as teaching them how to get the most out of it.’

With constant upgrades in equipment, there is never a shortage of work. ‘We’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years, and for some seeing a potential employee has an ASWEFA certification can make the difference between hiring them or not,’ Treena says. ‘Our customers include companies small and large – often they have multiple sites around the country, so there’s work ready to go for new franchisees.’

Become a leader

ASWEFA is ready to recruit franchisees in city centres and other industrial areas around the country. ‘This is a great opportunity for someone who’s worked on the floor in a management or team leader role, or who wants to get off the tools,’ says Henry. ‘If you’re looking for a change in pace, more control over your time or increased responsibility for outcomes, your own ASWEFA franchise could be the next step. Going out on your own with no support can be daunting, so we’re here to give you the tools to succeed – including an industry-recognised brand.’

New franchisees receive full training in tried-and-tested methods of delivery and business acumen. ‘This means you don’t have to make costly mistakes or miss key opportunities as you’re learning the ropes,’ says Treena. ‘We’ll support you through the three-month national certificate in adult education as per ITO regulations, then train you in our own programmes and systems so as soon as you’re qualified, you’re ready to go!’

We’ll take the bookings, you do the training ASWEFA operates an experienced Customer Support Centre to take care of bookings and provide advice on the best training to suit companies’ needs. This allows franchisees to focus on being the instructor and growing their customer database through personal interactions. ‘When you’re in a training, you can’t keep stopping to pick up the phone – it’s not good for your own focus, and it’s not respectful towards the people who are there to learn,’ Henry points out.

‘As the instructor, you’ll be working with people from all walks of life so you need to be able to adapt in any situation. We help people to understand not only how to do things, but why. We’re always having a laugh and keeping people at ease, even when dealing with difficult topics. One of the most rewarding things about this business is having experienced drivers coming in with the attitude that we can’t teach them anything, then by the end of the day they’re shaking my hand on their way out the door.

‘For Treena and me, going into this business was the best decision we’ve ever made, and we’re looking for like-minded people to share that with. If you love working with people and want to help those in high-risk environments get home safely, give us a call.’  

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