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Maintain To Profit offers a high yield opportunity for managers with sales ability

TV stars Kevin McCloud, Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer turned their passion for property into impressive business success – and so have Mark Trafford and Randy Offenbaker. Mark is founding director of Maintain To Profit, one of the country’s leading property renovation and maintenance businesses, and Randy is one of its first licensees.

After more than 25 years in the building industry, Mark resigned from managing one of New Zealand’s largest kitchen companies to establish Maintain To Profit in 2007. ‘I felt the time was right to fill a large, costly, stress-inducing hole in the industry,’ Mark says. ‘Maintain To Profit gave home owners, property investors, body corporates, real estate agencies, residential and commercial landlords a one-stop-shop specifically structured to take the negatives and risks out of hiring tradespeople. It eliminated the prospect of unscrupulous contractors, maintenance budget blowouts and missed deadlines.

‘Response confirmed that Maintain To Profit was what the market had been waiting for. Even during the recession, there was no let-up; the need for property maintenance never stops. By meeting that need with great customer service, the best contractors at fair market rates, and a fully-systemised approach to every job no matter how small or large, Maintain To Profit proved a winning formula.

‘And it’s not just our customers who think so, either,’ Mark says proudly. ‘Maintain To Profit was a finalist in the 2010 and 2011 Westpac Small Business Awards, and endorsements and referrals by contractors, national building products suppliers and others are a key marketing tool.’

Major business growth saw another experienced building industry professional, Dean Larritt, become a partner in 2012, and the start of a licensing programme which would take Maintain To Profit throughout Auckland and beyond.

Huge market, huge returns

‘Currently we have 12 licensees with another 2 exclusive territories under offer, and we need more to complete our network, especially with Healthy Homes Standards compliance having come in. Nearly 600,000 households rent, so it’s a huge market – reason in itself to make the $79,000 +gst investment in becoming a Maintain To Profit licence owner.’

Mark says that each licensee benefits from at least five income streams, with multiple opportunities under each. ‘The result is a proven high yield business, with $1 million turnover and a net profit of $80,000 to $110,000 achievable by year two.

‘While a passion for property and a passion to be in business for yourself are vital, you don’t need hands-on building experience. Your role as a licensee is very much sales, customer and supplier liaison, and project management. It’s a very flexible system.

‘Interestingly the majority of our licensees are 30-to-40-somethings from the corporate sector who are looking to put their skills to use in their own business, while others have come off the tools. It’s not for everyone so, as part of the due diligence process, we tell them to talk to Randy and find out what the business is really like.’

Talk to Randy

Randy is Randy Offenbaker, Maintain To Profit’s Tauranga licensee. After some 16 years in bakery management, Randy’s enthusiasm for property renovation took him into the building industry where his organisational and people skills were quickly recognised with promotions to supervisor and project management, and an eventual role as on-staff project manager at Maintain To Profit.

When Randy left the Auckland-based company to join his partner Tracey in Tauranga, he looked for opportunities for going into business for himself but nothing appealed. Then, late in 2017, he called Mark as he was interested in being the Maintain To Profit Tauranga licensee. For Randy, it was a no brainer.

‘I knew how well the business worked, so I was only too keen,’ he says. ‘The business has gone great ever since I started, and I’m thinking about expanding already.’

So what does he tell potential licensees?

‘I’m brutally honest,’ laughs Randy. ‘I tell them how different it is being in business for yourself. It’s not a free ride; they need to understand hard work, getting up early and working until late at night. They’ve got to be prepared to put in the time and effort, think beyond the square. They must be disciplined, motivated, focussed and honest. They also must be prepared to get out to sell themselves and get known in the community – not only to meet potential clients but also to build a contractor base. I’m a volunteer fireman and have also made a point of joining clubs locally – it all adds up.

‘But I also tell them how good this business is and how profitable it can be when you run it right. I tell them about the quality of training that takes them all the way from ground zero to business ownership and explain about Maintain To Profit’s project management systems. I also mention the fantastic customer development and ongoing business support from Mark and Dean, and the wonderful admin team.’

Mark Trafford is keen to hear from anyone interested in becoming a licensee, especially in the remaining territories of Northland, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wellington, Christchurch and Otago. ‘Maintain To Profit is in demand throughout New Zealand, so get in touch fast and find out more.’  

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