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Jumping Beans is the perfect business if you enjoy working with kids

Jumping Beans gives parents confidence to help children take risks safely

Sue Blackwell loves her business so much that when the time came to renew her licence after 10 years, she had no hesitation. ‘If you want to work for yourself, work with children and have a bit of a head for business, Jumping Beans is perfect,’ she says.

Jumping Beans is a physical skills programme for children aged from 3 months to 5 years. Licensees lead a variety of classes using specialist equipment, exercises and moving to music in a friendly environment to nurture happy, healthy and confident children.

‘I run 20 classes a week in East Auckland and only work 9am to 1pm,’ Sue explains. ‘When I started, my boys were at school and it suited me very well – now my own 3-year-old grandson comes to Jumping Beans.

‘From a business point of view, people are always having children and are prepared to spend money to give them the benefits that Jumping Beans provides. My customers include over 300 families from all sorts of backgrounds, and many regard it as a must-have for their babies and toddlers. There are plenty of opportunities to grow: afternoon activities, weekend classes, birthday parties … the only limit is your imagination.’

It’s that flexibility which has seen some licensees take Jumping Beans out of the community halls (where most classes are held) and into shopping malls. ‘The malls paid us to run free “pop-up shop” classes as part of their toddler activity programmes,’ explains Sophie Foster, the founder of Jumping Beans. ‘It was a great showcase for us, and now we are looking for more licensees to take Jumping Beans nationwide.’

Proven success

Jumping Beans is an established and well-known brand within New Zealand early childhood development, based on over 30 years of experience with proven systems and on-going training. Its programmes have won international recognition, including an award for a collaborative study with Massey and Waikato Universities which showed that after 10 weeks of weekly Jumping Beans sessions, the motor skills of 3- and 4-year-olds improved by approximately 2 age-equivalent years.

Sophie has two co-directors: Ajmol Ali, an associate professor who specialises in sports science and motor skills development, was a Jumping Beans parent himself, while Simon Rickman combines an interest in physical fitness education with experience in international licensing. Their expertise ensures that evidence-based learning is combined with a sound and profitable business model that enables licensees to recoup their initial investment quickly and enjoy a solid income.

A real business

Jumping Beans currently has four licensees in the North Island. ‘Licensees need a passion for children and teaching,’ says Sophie. ‘A background in ECE, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, gymnastics, personal training, child minding or other related fields is an advantage; you must also be committed to growing and operating a successful small business.’

The investment is approx $12,500 +gst, which includes training, an exclusive territory, uniforms, manuals and all the specialist equipment you need to get started. ‘You’ll also need a suitable van for carrying the equipment, and some initial working capital,’ Sophie points out.

Some marketing and administration skills are necessary although, as Sue Blackwell says, ‘Once you’re established, it’s mostly about word-of-mouth and social media.’ Given her 12 years’ experience in running classes, Sue also assists with the training of new licensees, and there’s mentoring and coaching on an ongoing basis.

Plenty of demand

The market for early education services is growing, which means that there is plenty of demand for new Jumping Beans licensees throughout the country. ‘Today’s parents, despite their busy lifestyles, want to give their children every advantage, and are realising that early education plays a critical role in forming a child’s values and behavioural characteristics,’ says Sophie.

‘And, above all, children literally have a ball at Jumping Beans! Our classes empower them to be physically active and take risks safely, and give parents the skills and confidence to help their kids develop. It’s a fun environment and a great business opportunity. To find out more, feel free to give me a call.’  

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