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Oncore’s repair & maintenance management franchise is starting a revolution

Nick Bridge, Oncore Services "There is real money to be made in this sector"

Building a service business is all about getting sales leads to convert, and the way they’ve been coming in is second-to-none,’ says Nick Bridge. ‘After my first year as Oncore’s pilot franchisee, things have really taken off and I’m very happy.’

Oncore franchisees provide residential and commercial property owners with maintenance and repair services by managing trusted teams of local tradesmen. It’s the latest brand from marketing specialists Traffic, the company behind Refresh Renovations and Zones Landscaping, which have achieved massive success both in New Zealand and overseas since launching eight years ago. The first two brands have completed over 1,000 projects, and now Traffic is applying the same formula to the repair and maintenance side of the market.

It means new Oncore franchisees benefit from well-proven systems not just for generating leads but also for converting them into paying customers, and for developing a profitable and sustainable business. ‘A lot of people struggle to find anyone to do those smaller jobs, especially when there is a crossover of skills required,’ says Nick.

Filling a need

‘Refresh was created to establish a reliable national brand specialising in renovations. Builders always seemed to regard renovations as second-rate work used to fill in gaps between “proper jobs”. The results were inevitable: shoddy work, time and budget over-runs, and unhappy customers. Around 20 per cent were ending in a major dispute. Refresh changed all that by establishing franchisees who are good communicators and good project managers backed by a team of reliable local tradesmen. Zones did the same for landscaping. Now Oncore is going to revolutionise the management of repair and maintenance jobs, too.’

Oncore offers property owners a customer service experience that exceeds current industry practices. When customers contact Oncore, they are met with a prompt response followed up with a friendly and professional consultation. Rather than contacting and managing multiple trades themselves, homeowners enjoy one point of contact who will oversee the completion of their maintenance and repair work. It’s a cost-effective approach which ensures projects are professionally managed.’

People, management and demand

Nick started life wanting to be a pilot. ‘After I got my PPL my interest waned as I realised I preferred a bit of variety in life rather than just driving through the skies,’ he explains. ‘I went into sales, became an operations manager and then bought a small retail business. Initially I didn’t think owning a small business could be that hard, but as I matured, I learned a lot and realised it was very much about people skills – especially in the service industries. From there, I bought a small maintenance company which has steadily grown.

‘When I was approached by Traffic to be the pilot franchisee for Oncore, it was appealing because I’ve seen what they have achieved already, building two outstanding companies from nothing. From my perspective, the vital element was and is lead generation. If an organisation can get me multiple leads, I can do the rest. I had the contacts in the industry to ensure seamless job completion for any customer, and Oncore is now building a list of preferred and trusted tradies that we all know can do a quality job every time.

‘Every job is unique, and it really pays to use a specialist. If I’ve used a general tradie to do a job, generally they are slower and the work is not to the high standard we are looking for. Specialists don’t always want to do the small jobs, but once they realise how much work you can feed them, they are keen to work with Oncore. My advice to any franchisee would be to make sure you get the right person for the job. If it’s done properly first time, it’s going to last, and bring in more referrals.’

Benefit from big business

‘Joining Oncore brings you all the benefits of the overall group, with the marketing and buying power of three Traffic brands working in your favour,’ says Dan Vincent, Oncore’s Managing Director. ‘We have national partnerships with insurance companies meaning a steady supply of leads from day one.

‘If you have sales or marketing skills, plus a long-term commitment to growing a business and customer service, then Oncore could be just the kind of challenge you are looking for. Building experience is not required, but professionalism is. We customise training to suit the experience you already have and help you develop the skills you need, then provide proven systems to help you grow.

‘Oncore already has eight franchisees on board, and we have areas available throughout the country. Investment is from $50,000.’

First franchisee Nick Bridge concludes, ‘The longer I’ve been on board, the more I’ve realised the size of the market – there is real money to be made in this sector. Traffic have done a great job in building a very effective model and have every interest in making it profitable for new franchisees. With Refresh, Zones and now Oncore, they are building a complete service that home-owners can rely upon throughout the country. To find out if it’s for you, give Dan a call and book a place at one of the regular discovery presentations.’  

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