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by Hachi Hachi

last updated 08/12/2019

Funky Japanese Brand Ready To Grow

by Hachi Hachi

last updated 08/12/2019

Hachi Hachi is a strong fast casual concept with a proven track record

After many years on the fringes of the hospitality trade, Phil Tindall has finally been convinced by a restaurant concept. ‘It can be a risky industry and I’ve seen a high attrition rate in my time, but having worked with Hachi Hachi for several years I’m more than convinced. I’m now a proud major shareholder in my first Hachi Hachi outlet, with options on a second coming shortly.’

Hachi Hachi is a Japanese fast casual restaurant concept with a wide appeal. ‘In addition to sushi, there’s lots of quality hot food and variety all the time, including many Japanese classics such as ramen, donburis and udon noodles,’ says Phil. ‘It offers the best possible in every aspect of restaurant food, design and ethos, from a wonderful ambience to adventurous cuisine, via immaculate surroundings and exceptional service. Once you’ve sampled the experience, you crave more.’

The first Hachi Hachi opened in Christchurch in 2013. There are now five regularly-packed outlets around Canterbury, and the company is seeking individuals or companies interested in opening franchised outlets in other main centres.

Experience that counts

Hachi Hachi’s founders, Titi Khemarangsan and Bundit Kijpalakorn, are highly-experienced restaurateurs with over 10 restaurants in their BBK Group. ‘I bring a fresh pair of eyes because I am a designer specialising in retail and hospitality,’ Phil says. ‘I met Titi and Bundit a few years ago and we just clicked. I think highly of their ethics; once they know you, they treat you as family, and they’ve always been very fair to deal with.

‘As a result, I’ve worked on all the outlets and it was this that convinced me to buy in just over a year ago. I was in the privileged position of having had several years to observe, learn and draw conclusions. Here in Christchurch, we’ve seen several big names in the hospitality industry go to the wall, but Hachi Hachi has proven popular over many years, and capable of succeeding in different sites and markets, too.’

Amazing food at a fair price

So what’s different about Hachi Hachi? ‘Asian food is widely available now, but the food we serve is pretty amazing because the company has taken it to a different level,’ says Phil. ‘The franchise has built quality into the equation by having a permanent executive chef whose role is to maintain the highest standards across the board. At the same time, it’s not expensive, with prices ranging from $5 to a complete meal for under $20. Our ratings on TripAdvisor show just how popular that combination is!

‘It’s possible because Titi and Bundit have put a great deal of effort into the systems and training, the standards and skills that make a restaurant tick,’ says Phil. ‘Having been through it myself, I think the heart of a really great franchise is training your key people so they can pass it on to their staff. That’s why every new franchisee will move around between all the five restaurants so as to get the maximum experience and see how the quality control is implemented and high levels of profitability achieved.’

The franchise model itself has been developed with the aid of experienced professionals and Phil says there’s another advantage, too – new franchisees enjoy the inside track on fit-out courtesy of Phil himself. ‘Opening any kind of retail outlet is inevitably fraught with logistical, financial and compliance headaches, but I’ve been through this process so many times with my clients that it’s second nature. This is the real value of a franchise – being able to tap into experienced help right from the very start, when every dollar counts.’

Your choice of locations

What does a new Hachi Hachi franchisee need? ‘First and foremost, I’d say passion,’ says Phil. ‘You don’t necessarily need hospitality experience, as I’ve proven, but you do need to be involved on a daily basis. You need to care about food and you need to be able to take advice because you do well by doing things well, and you have to maintain the brand’s high standards that keep customers coming back.’ While costs vary according to site, the total investment required, including fit-out and equipment, is up to $500,000, much of which can be financed.

‘The great thing about Hachi Hachi for my money is that it is a new franchise, so you have a lot of choice when it comes to the best locations, but at the same time it is a well-proven concept that offers healthy returns. Japanese food is highly popular today, and by serving quality food fast in funky surroundings, BBK have created a real winner. My daughter is studying in Wellington and reckons students would be all over a Hachi Hachi there, and many other cities will be the same.

‘If you like the idea of joining our family and building a strong business with a growing brand, give me a ring and let’s talk about taking Hachi Hachi to your area. This is a first-class model and I’m sure it will travel well.’  

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