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by V.I.P. Home Services

last updated 08/12/2019

New V.I.P. franchisee reaps the rewards of owning her own business

After a lifetime in the legal profession, Robyn Wassen reckoned she was in need of a change. ‘Being tied to a conveyancing department was rigid and stressful, so I decided to do something completely different and bought a cleaning franchise! I’m so glad I did – V.I.P. has given me security, the flexibility to organise my own schedule and the capacity to build a business. I’d recommend it to anyone!’

V.I.P. operates both indoor (home & office cleaning) and outdoor (lawnmowing & gardening) opportunities and is surprisingly profitable, as Robyn has found out. It can generate a full-time income from a part-time role or, with a couple of staff, grow from small beginnings into a sizeable business.

Build at your own speed

‘In business terms it’s quite a low investment, but you can build a very successful business from it – and build it at your own speed, too,’ Robyn explains. ‘The reputation of V.I.P. coupled with that all-important word of mouth recommendation has already doubled my client base in Whangarei, and doing just two to three cleans every day is already bringing me a turnover of $1000 a week.

‘I choose not to work weekends, but I still have plenty of opportunity to grow, and the V.I.P. system gives me the flexibility to employ people, too. Currently my priority is my grandchildren, and I can work the business around kindy runs when required, but as they grow up I will have time to expand and V.I.P. makes that possible.’

Starting any business can be scary, so Robyn found it reassuring that V.I.P. pays new franchisees while they are training. ‘I’m sure it helps many people get into the business – I’m one of them. I think the outlay and the perceived risk puts some good people off buying a franchise, and after many years of regular salary it was nice to have that element of certainty. The franchise also provided my initial clients, so my first steps into my own business were much easier than they might have been.’

Training pays off

Robyn started in November 2018, having spent a month learning the ropes and training for her new role as a business owner. ‘The reason V.I.P. franchisees do such a good job is down to the training. You’re taught to do things in a particular way, because it’s proven to be methodical, efficient and saves valuable time. That’s combined with some very superior products and cleaning systems which I rate very highly.

‘All this matters because the more efficiently you work, the less energy you use – and the less time you take, the more clients you can handle in a day. All that adds up and explains why this is such a profitable business.’

It also delivers better results. ‘A few months after I began, one of my clients decided she wanted a cheaper service from someone else. Within a few weeks she asked me back, as the quality wasn’t what she wanted at all. That reinforced my feelings about the V.I.P. training, and now I have a waiting list!’

$2,500 per week for full-time

John and Estelle Logan, the National Franchisors for V.I.P, say they are not surprised by the success Robyn has had with her new business. ‘Robyn wanted a change in life and more flexibility, but without a huge drop in salary,’ Estelle says. ‘This is exactly what buying a franchise with V.I.P. can provide: you own your own business and have the protection and support of our multiple award-winning franchise family.

‘Robyn is already doing very well, and can expand when she’s ready. Some of our full-time franchisees are earning over $2,500 per week!’

For the Indoor opportunity, Estelle says, ‘We’re on the hunt for local people with a keen interest in all aspects of home care and cleaning, both residential and commercial.’

V.I.P’s Outdoor franchises offer many of the same advantages. ‘If you’re eager to get out into the sunshine and are interested in landscaping, lawnmowing, groundskeeping, pruning, maintenance, hedge trimming and more, we would love to hear from you.

‘Even if you have no experience but a passion to learn, we can still help you, whether you’re looking for an entry-level business opportunity, an established two-person franchise or a multi-franchise role where you can run your own crews.’

‘We provide full training to help you carry out your work efficiently to professional standards, and to set up and manage your own business. As Robyn mentioned, there’s also flexibility to work around school hours, and a paid training period as you learn the skills you’ll need, then ongoing support to help you grow.’

Time to make the change

‘V.I.P. has franchise opportunities available for sale in your area right now with a varied range of investment options, so call us and find out more,’ Estelle invites.

‘Robyn is doing particularly well and knows that when she is ready she will be able to expand as much or as little as she likes.

‘If you’re ready to make a change in your own life, we can help you get into a profitable business of your own.’  

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