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by Diamond Fusion

last updated 08/12/2019

Clearly Superior

by Diamond Fusion

last updated 08/12/2019

Diamond Fusion is an opportunity with a sparkling future

One person’s problem is another person’s opportunity. So says Fraser Benton, whose frustration at a dirty shower door took him on a journey to become franchisor of Diamond Fusion EasyClean. ‘Home owners who invest in a beautiful bathroom hate having it spoiled by grey, cloudy shower glass. While soap scum is easy to clean at first, silica, calcium and lime in the water is almost impossible to shift.

‘The solution is to protect new glass with an easy-to-clean coating before the issue even arises. With the current building and renovation boom, the opportunities are practically limitless. Diamond Fusion franchisees treat new glass to repel scum and spray, can make dirty glass sparkle like new, and can bring back the beauty in many other surfaces, too. They include:

  • Showers                            
  • Glass balustrades                            
  • Marine glass
  • Commercial glass
  • Vehicle windscreens

The impossible dream

Fraser explains. ‘I had been looking for a business that offered me financial security along with the flexibility to spend time with my two boys. It seemed like an impossible dream until a chance conversation with a friend led me to Diamond Fusion, the New Zealand agents for DFI.

‘It’s a California-based company that has developed the world’s leading environmentally-friendly nanotechnology to transform ordinary glass into a high-performing, resilient surface which easily repels hard water stains as well as soap and body scum. The coating fills the microscopic peaks and valleys of glass, leaving an optically transparent silicone film that is very simple to care for.

‘Diamond Fusion Easy Clean predominantly bonds to the molecules of the glass, so the product has a lifetime guarantee in homes, and 15 years for commercial applications. With that sort of effectiveness, you can imagine the market among home owners, landlords, hotels, motels, gyms, leisure centres, and all sorts of places. It saves people money every time they clean a shower or other treated surface. In retirement homes, they often replace shower glass completely before a new resident moves in – but Diamond Fusion can eliminate that cost, too.’

Taking off

Fraser soon found himself appointed the Tauranga agent for Diamond Fusion. ‘I found a ready market and started doing well very quickly – the product is easy to apply after just a little training. Things really started moving when marketing specialist Simon Bell became the distributor. Together, we proved that it was a fantastic opportunity that just hadn’t been developed properly here. That gave me the confidence to take over the New Zealand licence in 2015.

‘As I settled into the new role, I had more and more national clients asking when we would have a true network of applicators throughout the country and I realised that franchising was the best way to achieve this. A franchisee has a vested interest in succeeding and is prepared to put in the work because they’ll reap the rewards themselves. I looked to see who could help me develop a franchise and chose the best – Franchize Consultants. We worked closely together to create a business model that really works for franchisees and offers a good return on their investment and now we’re ready to launch.’

No glass ceiling

Diamond Fusion is looking for franchisees in most parts of the country to take up the opportunity to build a substantial business of their own. ‘The investment from $50,000 +gst gives you a large exclusive territory, all the necessary equipment and start-up stock, and 10 days’ training covering all aspects of cleaning and application. It also includes set-up and launch support, and everything else you need to get going, then there’s ongoing mentoring and marketing to help you grow.

‘If you can sell yourself and the product, aren’t afraid of networking, looking for opportunities and standing up at home shows, and have the nous to seek out commercial opportunities in your area, I want to hear from you. There’s no glass ceiling to this opportunity, so call me.’

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