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last updated 22/07/2019

ASWEFA wants franchisees to provide worksite equipment safety training

ASWEFA is ready to appoint franchisees throughout the country

We’ve all lifted something the wrong way and felt our bodies complain – the pain can last for weeks. Now, imagine what can happen if someone is using a forklift incorrectly and what they’re lifting weighs tonnes, not kilograms. The potential for damage to them and their business is enormous. That’s why ASWEFA exists.

ASWEFA stands for A Safe Working Environment For All. The company provides an extensive range of worksite training courses to companies and individuals, offering forklift licensing; wheels, tracks and rollers; dangerous goods; and elevated work platform courses. Training is carried out in the workplace, at ASWEFA’s own facilities or, for some course options, online.

Originally founded 18 years ago as First Choice Forklift Training, ASWEFA has two Auckland sites, a dedicated team, and a new name to reflect the wider range of services they provide. To meet nationwide demand, they’ve put their industry and business experience into developing ASWEFA as a franchise and are looking for the right people to provide training through opening their own branches around the country.

More than compliance

‘Our reputation is built on more than just helping clients meet ever-increasing health and safety regulations,’ says Treena Myers, the company’s managing director. ‘It’s not just about “being compliant” – our mission is to help people in high-risk environments understand the overall effect an incompetent or unlicensed driver can have on a company. Poorly-trained operators can harm machinery, product, property and, above all, people. At the end of the day, everyone wants to get home safely – and without thorough, equipment-specific training, the risks can be huge.’

‘Not only is equipment and safety training a Health & Safety Act requirement: there are constant changes and upgrades to machinery which mean ASWEFA is constantly busy. Our customers aren’t just local companies – often they have multiple locations around the country – and for contractors, having accreditation from ASWEFA can be the difference between getting the job or not. The growing demand means we need to increase our reach to provide the best training to more people, and we believe franchising is the best way to combine our experience and systems with dedicated people on the ground.’

Get off the floor

Treena is looking for people with experience in industry and good people skills who want to move forward in their careers and own their own business. ‘Perhaps you’ve been on the factory floor in a middle management or team leader role? Maybe you want more responsibility for outcomes, a change of pace or more control over your time? If you’re a people person, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.’

ASWEFA is a professionally-developed franchise model. ‘We have a tried-and-tested training programme for new franchisees, starting with a three-month national certificate in adult education as per ITO regulations. We will support you through the qualification, and then give you our programme and systems training while waiting for ITO moderation. That way, as soon as you’re qualified, you’re ready to go!

‘With both an instructor and sales trainer close by for the first month, the franchise gives you the best chance to establish your business and build your confidence. Our Customer Support Centre takes care of bookings, payments and certification processing, and has the expertise to advise customers about different equipment and licences they may need on the spot. We give our customers all the information from the start so there are no nasty surprises, and no staff operating machinery they aren’t qualified for.’

Time for your family

‘ASWEFA started as a small family business, and it’s important to us that we keep that focus – not only so franchisees can take time for their own families, but also so they feel like a part of ours,’ says Treena. ‘Starting a business on your own with no support, you never really switch off. In the early days, I remember one New Year’s Eve spent fielding work calls while on a bridge in San Francisco – that’s what you want to avoid!

‘With the Customer Support Centre, customers are responded to quickly so you can switch off completely and come back to a fully-booked schedule. Nobody does training on public holidays or over Christmas so it’s an opportunity for you to progress your career while getting the lifestyle you want.’

Ready to go

ASWEFA is ready to appoint franchisees throughout the country in city centres and other industrial areas.

Treena says, ‘We will provide all the training, systems and support you need to get established in your own business in an essential and growing market – one that is backed by legislation, no less.

‘Those who already have the necessary qualifications could be up and running within six weeks, If you’re ready to take yourself to new heights with an experienced team behind you, call me today.’   

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