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Corporate Cabs provides better life for former exec

Bob Wijntjes Corporate Cabs

Bob Wijntjes is delighted with his transition from stressed executive to Corporate Cabs owner-driver. ‘I had a good idea of the earning potential,’ he says, ‘but the reality has been better than I imagined – and the best part of all has been the improvement in my family life.’

After various eight-to-late jobs in banking and sales, Bob thought he’d really enjoy some flexibility and freedom. ‘I have two young children, and I was missing out on watching their sports and seeing them grow up. What could I do that would give me more time with them and a decent salary? I’d used Corporate Cabs a few times, and from a customer’s perspective they were always a very good experience. In mid-2016 I started asking a couple of drivers the right questions and found the earning potential was excellent. After my accountant had scrutinised the contract, I had little hesitation about giving it a go.’

Bob lives in Auckland’s Blockhouse Bay and is proud of Corporate Cabs’ image in the market place. A far cry from Uber and other operators, the company is the first-class travel of taxi services with up to 80 percent of journeys pre-booked through corporate accounts. This creates a secure income and working environment for its franchised owner-drivers. In return, they offer customers a reliable, professional service with vehicles immaculately turned out at all times.

No shortage of work

Bob says that Corporate Cabs really looks after its owner-drivers with full training and ongoing support. ‘At the same time, this role is autonomous and has freed me up more than I expected. Some weeks I put in more hours, some weeks fewer hours to suit family activities. There is no one breathing down my neck, and it’s a straightforward business to run. In my two-and-a-half years, there has never been a shortage of work. You quickly learn to gauge your clients. Some want to chat, but after a 17-hour flight many prefer silence. One thing I’ve learned is that however important the client, everyone is a human being – we can all laugh and get along well.’

Corporate Cabs has opportunities in all main cities, plus Queenstown, for people who want to take control of their earnings and be their own boss. ‘Many franchised owner-drivers are turning over $100,000- plus, while they can also employ others or take on a second car,’ says franchise manager Dave Thornley. ‘An investment from $20,000 provides everything you need to get your Corporate Cabs business off the ground.’

Bob Wijntjes is definitely a fan. ‘I’d really recommend it. If you are thinking of a new business, talk to Dave then speak to some of the drivers. You can talk to me, for starters!’  

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