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last updated 22/07/2019

Going On Growing

by Fastway Couriers

last updated 22/07/2019

Fastway Couriers has opportunities big and small around the country

Carl Compaan (centre) with Fastway Couriers CEO Scott Jenyns and Aramex CEO Andy van der Velde

Carl and Rhonda Compaan were quite specific when seeking a new business. ‘We wanted something with clear potential for growth, and Fastway Couriers fitted the bill. We bought our franchise in 2011 and haven’t looked back since.’

Carl previously had a business in water pumps and filtration. ‘Like all small operators, we put in more than seven days a week and getting ahead was always a struggle,’ he says. ‘When we started researching other options, we could see that things like TradeMe and online shopping were creating a market that was only going to grow and everyone was a potential Fastway customer. We realised that we could tap into that, so we took on the Fastway Couriers Northland regional franchise.’

A system that works for all

Founded in 1983, Fastway Couriers is a true New Zealand success story. Today, the company has 276 Courier Franchisees delivering 20 million parcels across the country annually. In turn, they are supported by a network of Regional Franchisees like Carl and Rhonda who operate the local depots. Since aligning with Aramex in 2016, Fastway have extended their global reach by offering a range of international services. This has been an incredibly exciting and successful opportunity for Fastway Couriers Northland and the wider Fastway family.

‘I love a challenge,’ says Carl, ‘but going into a business like this without the backing of a great brand and a great system would never work. The success of our region, from Wellsford to Kaitaia, is down to that and the fact that everyone has “skin in the game” because we all own our own businesses. It makes all the difference. Yes, we all work hard but, as the old saying goes, the harder you work the luckier you get. We have 17 Courier Franchisees on the road in Northland, and the reason we’ve twice been named Fastway’s Regional Franchise of the Year is down to using a proven system and ensuring our customer service is consistent and exceptional.’

Changing fortunes

At the other end of the North Island, Jitendra Kumar recently purchased his second Courier Franchisee run in the Wellington region. An ex-plumber, Jitendra was made redundant in 2012. ‘I had a young family to support,’ he explains, ‘so a colleague suggested I buy a Fastway Couriers franchise. It was beyond my finances at the time, but Fastway was very accommodating and enabled me to pay on a monthly basis which worked out well – I was paying off the business as it grew. Eight years on I’ve bought a second franchise which is close to where I live, so I save fuel every time I drive home,’ he laughs.

Jitendra’s dedication to his business and his customers has seen him named Fastway Courier Franchisee of the Year 2019, something of which he is rightly proud … ‘Number one in the country!’ he exclaims. ‘But it’s because Fastway has a culture of looking after franchisees and supporting them in growing their business – it’s a great franchise to be with. Would I do it again? Well, I just did, and I’ve even bought a brand new van to go with it!’

Would it suit you?

Fastway currently has courier franchise opportunities available nationwide, as well as some regional franchise territories around the country which would suit experienced managers with a go-getting attitude.

‘Courier Franchisees need to be fit, active and have a can-do attitude,’ says Fastway CEO Scott Jenyns. ‘They don’t just deliver parcels – as business owners, they have a vested interest in building relationships with their clients by offering an ongoing reliable and friendly service.

‘Fastway courier franchises start from $15,000. We have put a huge amount of emphasis into creating the best possible franchise opportunities and we want to ensure all our franchisees get the most out of it. There’s comprehensive initial training and full support from our team. We also have two conferences per year and additional sessions to keep everyone up-to-date with products, services and any changes in legislation.’

The bigger picture

Scott says that the regional franchisee role is a bigger business which demands a different level of expertise. ‘People like Carl and Rhonda have to have great leadership, communication and sales skills. They work closely with both the Courier Franchisees in their region and our Napier-based Franchise Support Office to build and service the business, and every franchisee receives a two-day visit each month from a member of our support team to discuss issues and opportunities.’

Carl values the support from the team and the other franchisees, too. ‘The strength of Fastway is that there is a strong network – we all know we can rely on each other as everyone has a stake in the success of the brand. Rhonda and I have found that our franchise ticks all the boxes in terms of economy of scale and continues to live up to expectations after eight years. One of the beauties of the business is that it is pretty much a five-days-a-week operation, with just a skeleton roster service on Saturdays.

‘With the boom in online shopping, the already high volumes of freight will only continue to increase, which is an exciting prospect for Fastway Couriers Northland and our local network – just as we predicted at the start!’  

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