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Touch Up Guys franchisee has prime business for sale in Auckland

Touch Up Guys Barrie Pengelly: 'It's a great life and a good earner'

All good things come to an end, and for Barrie Pengelly that means retirement after 25 years as a Touch Up Guy. ‘The franchise has done me very well indeed since 1994,’ he says. ‘I’ll be sorry to leave because it’s a great life and a good earner. We’ve had a new car every couple of years out of it and, if I hadn’t been so busy, could have had more than one overseas holiday each year. Whoever buys this business will never be short of work.’

Barrie was one of the first Touch Up Guys franchisees in New Zealand. ‘I trained as an engineer and worked on the Harbour Bridge clip-ons before going to Australia. When I returned with a family, I started looking for a business of my own. I went to an expo, saw Touch Up Guys and recognised them from Oz. I said to my wife, “This is a goer,” and the rest is history!’

Touch Up Guys is a mobile service that repairs bumper scuffs, stone chips, scratches and other damage to virtually any vehicle. ‘I bought a large territory in South Auckland and worked 12-hour days for six or seven days a week at first, because I wanted to build it up,’ says Barrie. ‘Then I split the territory, selling part to another franchisee and gaining a nice little capital bonus. To be honest, it’s ripe to be split again for anybody prepared to put in the effort.

‘There’s huge demand – new vehicles are pouring into this country daily, and people sure do knock them around! Bumper scratches, chips, cuts and polish are the bread and butter of the business, and it keeps on coming. I’ve concentrated on the car yards, where there’s economy of time because you can treat several vehicles on the same lot, but there’s also a lot of demand from private owners.’

So what do you need to become a successful Touch Up Guy and fill Barrie’s shoes? ‘People skills and colour skills,’ says Barrie, simply. ‘The only other thing you need is a work ethic – to make top dollar, you must be prepared to work hard and keep going. Do that and I can guarantee the rewards are there. I’m looking forward to enjoying the fruits of my 25 years, with time for my photography, my motorbike collection, and some of those overseas trips!’

Martin Smith, New Zealand franchisor for Touch Up Guys, says that as well as Barrie’s South Auckland business, there are opportunities for new franchisees in many parts of the country. A complete new package including marketing, equipment, training and van costs between $88,000 and $120,000.

‘You don’t need panelbeating or painting experience, so if you are keen to run your own business in a thriving industry, give me a call today.’  

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